Thank You, Cookie Jars of America!

Thank You, Cookie Jars of America!

When I look back over the last year I know that what we have accomplished was only made possible by a lot of “cookie jars”— the small stashes of retirees and young couples and people who know in their hearts that “something” is wrong—- just like our book title: “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”.

So you’ve sent me your $10s and your $20s and even your $19s and every time I open an envelope and read the notes knowing that I might be able to reply to one in five or ten with a thank you, I none the less feel connected for a moment to the heart of the senders and to the soul of this country.

It’s always bittersweet. I wish we met under better circumstances, without such urgent needs, without such dire news and ugly history to discuss. It surely isn’t easy to contemplate all the ways that we’ve been lied to by our supposed friends and betrayed by our employees and misled by all the Talking Heads.

And every day, I get dozens of questions and pleas for help I can’t hope to answer—- though I do what I can in 24 hours.

For tonight I just want to say thank you and I am proud to be an American, because I know that I stand with millions of good people who have been hideously mistreated, misled, lied to, and defamed by those who owed them Good Faith, loyalty, and service.

I urge you all to grab an oar wherever you are and do whatever you can to spread the word and help each other. Do your best to prepare for whatever comes. Take care of yourselves first, then your extended family and friends and neighbors. Put aside some extra toilet paper and food and soap and fuel. Top off the tanks. Buy tires if you need them. Rat-hole a few things you can use as trade goods — packets of coffee, over the counter drugs, an extra bottle of vodka, chocolate bars, perfume, cigarettes. Put aside some silver coins and extra blankets.

It would be pleasant and convenient, indeed, it would be wonderful if I thought that the Rule of Law was worth two hoots in Hell, but at this point, I think we must confess that our “government” has been nothing more than a foreign crime syndicate for several generations and whatever happens we must step up and be truly responsible for ourselves, both in advancing our position to the rest of the world and in leading by example to restore our lawful land jurisdiction government.

I know that Pope Benedict XVI was eager to make amends once he understood the situation. I know that various other leaders around the world, even those that we have been told are our “enemies” have responded with compassion and understanding. Our greatest sin has been our gullibility and trust in those we considered our leaders and our Allies.

It seems that Donald Trump is an able businessman, which is far more than can be said for many past Presidents. It also seems that he has his own vision for America, and the passion to try to make this country truly great again, but in the end, it must be the people who make this country great and who write its history day by day.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness and support so many of you have shown and continue to show.

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