Memo to General Kelly

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Memo to General Kelly

From Anna Von Reitz

The reason for the so-called “Civil War” wasn’t slavery and wasn’t secession, nor was it — as you recently suggested “a failure to compromise”.
It happened because the British government abused it’s delegated authority to set our foreign trade policies.
Britain protected its own markets and those of other European nations by levying very heavy tariffs on American goods and entering into trade agreements (purportedly in our behalf, of course) that were disastrous for the Northern manufacturing states.  As a direct result, American goods– even in America– were 30% to 40% more expensive than European goods.
The Southern states naturally wanted to buy the (artificially) cheaper European goods instead of the more expensive products of the Northern states.
And the Northern states, in turn, were absolutely desperate to keep what domestic market they had, thanks to the abusive British trade policies being imposed on them.
The market the Southern states provided was absolutely necessary to the Northern states’ survival and that is why they went to war.
All the rest was just top dressing and the Brits not wanting to take the blame they deserved to take for it.
We have it straight from the diaries of Salomon Rothschild— British breach of trust, self-interest, and meddling caused the whole debacle, along with plenty of help from the Rothschilds, who played Piggy in the Middle.
PS.  Nothing has changed. The British are still the (indirect) authors of 95% of the disaster, death, and misery in the world. They are always without exception at the bottom of the dog pile. Just look a little deeper, General, and remember– those who don’t remember the past– the actual, factual past– are forced to re-live it.
Time to get the Brits out of our business once and for all.
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