Apologies, Again

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Apologies, Again

By Anna Von Reitz

Nobody feels it more keenly than I when I cannot respond to appeals for individual help — but the fact remains that I cannot possibly answer the literally thousands of information and assistance requests that I get on weekly basis.  I try, but I can’t do it, and there is a point beyond which I shouldn’t even try, because it keeps me from focusing on the actual work that I am already committed to do.
It isn’t that I don’t want to help you with your traffic tickets, probate cases, child custody battles, foreclosures, divorces, property tax issues, political status filing and recording struggles, and all the rest—- but the plain fact is that I, and everyone else in the Living Law Firm, are overwhelmed with work aimed at bringing relief to everyone in this country—relief on a far larger scale, and we cannot sacrifice that Greater Good.
So, we have a choice to help a few people, or we can undertake work that blazes the way for millions of Americans who are now suffering or who will suffer in the future if we do not stay the course and keep focused on the Big Picture of the work we have in hand.
Let me put it as a twisted paraphrase of JFK— “Ask not how to solve your own traffic ticket, ask what you can do to free Americans from foreign statutory laws.”
If you have a promising solution or information that you feel is important to share, by all means, flag it as such and send it to me via email or snail mail and we will all work forward together. I eventually read everything sent as a hard copy and most of my email, too.
Please stay tuned as we continue to bring forward the results of all this effort and share it with you—- and please also understand why I can’t get bogged down in individual cases, even for friends and people who are close to me, unless there is something about the case itself that promises to bear fruit beyond just the resolution of its own issues.
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