Progress in Texas, the MGJA, and Everywhere Else

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Progress in Texas, the MGJA, and Everywhere Else

By Anna Von Reitz

Last night I tuned into a little ole down home teleconference sponsored by the Texas Republic.  They are extremely well-organized compared to most of the rest of the state republics and have their history firmly intact.  Many of their counties are up and operational and they hold their regular meetings at various places throughout the state to meet and greet and educate as they go.  After all the gritty hand-to-hand in places like Illinois the past few weeks, it was like balm to my soul.
They have developed yet another ingenious and effective answer to the IRS fraud, which is simple and deadly to implement.  The essence of it is to politely inquire about the jurisdiction of two courts.  When the district level court replies that they don’t have jurisdiction over the municipal corporation dba “IRS” and the “US TAX COURT” admits that it doesn’t have jurisdiction over the territorial corporation dba “Internal Revenue Service” it puts the vermin in a real bind.
If they take JOHN QUINCY DOE to US District Court, he can say, “But look here, the US District Court says it doesn’t have jurisdiction over the IRS.” 
If they take John Quincy Doe to the US TAX COURT, he can say, “But look here, the US TAX COURT says it doesn’t have jurisdiction over the Internal Revenue Service.”
[They can’t complain because “John Quincy Adams” does sound exactly like “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” only now you get to use that fact against them the same way they used it all these years against us. ]
And both statements are absolutely correct, counter-claiming, and self-cancelling.  This is because unknown to most Americans, we’ve been dealing with two separate governments (Territorial and Municipal) and two separate agencies (Internal Revenue Service and IRS) and two separate court systems (US District and US TAX COURT)—neither of which have anything much to do with us, except that they are supposed to be providing “essential government services” in Good Faith and aren’t.
Now if you do what these Texans recommend, you can put these courts in a good old-fashioned Texas Twist-Em double-bind.  Either way they go, they are stuck having to explain to their own employees and to the public the fraud scheme they’ve been working, and rather than do that, they are going to let go of you faster than an average rattlesnake.
As I have explained many times these vermin have created public trusts named after you.  They stole your identity and took title to your Given Trade Name, then split the title between themselves— with the State of State Territorial Government holding the Beneficial Ownership Title and the STATE OF STATE Municipal Government holding the Legal Title and you completely cut out of the picture as the “missing, presumed dead” Donor/Grantor. 
And of course, they are doing all this “for” you as a service and you ought to be grateful, right?
When it comes to working this scam vis-a-vis the federal income tax, your Name/NAME is presumed to belong to a federal citizen, either a Territorial Citizen or a Municipal CITIZEN, so either way, “they” owe the federal income tax.  You don’t, but they do. 
In keeping with this cozy and grossly immoral and illegal scheme, the Municipal Agency dba “IRS” keeps the debit side of what they call your Master file and racks up all the charges and expenses against YOUR NAME, while the Territorial Agency dba “Internal Revenue Service” — a completely different animal operating out of different offices — keeps track of the credit side of your Master file Account, never the twain to meet.
Even most of the IRS/Internal Revenue Service employees are blissfully ignorant and go on calling themselves by both names and can’t find their butts with both hands. 
This is also why there are three (3) Commissioners of Internal Revenue—- one for every level of government— the actual United States of America, the Territorial United States, and the Municipal United States.
Anyway, what these fellows in Texas have worked out is an effective means to expose the fraud in such a way as to trap the rats in the same way they have trapped you, with both the Court and the COURT disqualified and unable to explain why without revealing their fraud scheme.
I love it. It really tickled me.  I sat in my chair with my eyes big as saucers and silently laughed until I cried.
Just goes to prove, you get enough Americans working on a problem, they are going to find solutions…. those little Billy Goats are going to try every way up the mountain until they find what works and then, watch out for the Goat Stampede.
I still like my old tried and true method of Revoking Election to Pay, but this new process has some decided advantages: (1)  It would work for anyone, even federal employees. (2) No need to pour over Title 42 and figure out whether or not you are a federal citizen. (3) No need to retract and get private claims and political status documents on the record before doing battle,  so it will work even for people who don’t have their political status corrected and recorded and even if people have already run afoul of the IRS and are midstream in a court action.
That’s a lot to recommend it, and for a lot of people —this is a godsend.   And it is simple and inexpensive enough that anyone can do it.  My hat is off.
I suggest everyone who is interested in getting your counties and states back up and running go take a look at the Texas Republic website.  They have put a lot of effort in and it shows.
There’s been a lot of new activity the past few weeks with more and more people and counties reporting in at the weekly Thursday night teleconference sponsored by the Michigan General Jural Assembly to help answer questions and provide assistance to people wanting to do something similar in their own counties and their own states.
That’s wonderfully encouraging news.  It means that more and more Americans are not only waking up and realizing The Fix we are in individually, but more are stepping forward to get the tools and advice needed to revive their own nation-states, and that is what we have to restore to save our own country and clean up this mess.
For those new to the information, I suggest they go straight to the B, C, and D Appendix part of the Michigan General Jural Assembly Handbook and get the hang of it all in the Big Picture.  Most of this country is still not politically organized— that is, your actual nation-state and even the State created to represent your state’s land jurisdiction, may exist on paper, but not in fact.
Most of the western states are what I call “states in waiting”—- you have contracts to become states and guarantees that you will be “treated as” states in the Union and owed all the guarantees, but there hasn’t been a fully functional land jurisdiction Continental Congress in place to actually enroll any new states in the Union since 1860. That presents a real problem in terms of international law and leaves an awful lot of people with their tails exposed to high winds. For yourselves and your families and friends who live west of the Mississippi—- get on up that mountainside.  Just pretend you are a bunch of spry little goats and go hop, hop hop!
Here’s the information for Michigan General Jural Assembly again:
The Michigan General Jural Assembly hosts a Thursday Night national call-in program. The call-in times and names and numbers for that and for their national hotline (open four days a week) are posted on my website: and here it is again: Nine o’clock Eastern Standard Time, call in number is: 1-712-770-4160. Access Code for Thursday night call is: 226823#. The Hotline is 1-989-450-5522Monday through Thursday2 to 7 pm EST. They can also be reached at

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