Service and Taxation

Anna von Reitz
February 10, 2018

Service and Taxation

Your private earnings are being deliberately mischaracterized as corporate income in order to tax you and make you liable to pay federal income taxes.

As I have said before, the federal government is totally foreign and is supposed to operate only in international jurisdictions. So when you pay federal taxes you are paying them to a foreign government, as if you were a German paying taxes to France.

Federal services are supposed to be paid for by: (a) our states and (b) by sin taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and (c) by any special purpose directly apportioned or excise taxes that are truly necessary.

The states have resources and public lands to manage and sell and all that guarantees substantial income, so that they as the actual parties making the contract to receive services from the federal government are supposed to be paying the lion’s share for those services that they would otherwise be expected to provide for themselves.

Above and beyond that, the federal government has the income from alcohol, tobacco, and firearms manufacture and sales. Such so-called “sin taxes” placed on regulated substances bring in a lot of money to pay for federal services each year. There are also special excise taxes placed on gasoline and oil purchases, telephone services, natural gas utilities, internet services, pension and insurance plans and international sales of goods and services.

Between the deliberately mis-applied income tax and all these other taxes, the Average American pays between 50 and 60 percent of their earnings every year for services from the federal government corporations, and that is not counting the substantial bite taken out each year by inflation.

Inflation is, in effect, a silent and murderous tax that clicks along no matter where your money is or what it is or is not invested in.

Compare these rates of taxation with the most abused serfs in the Middle Ages who paid the king up to 25% of their gross production every year, and you will see that we have indeed suffered through “great tribulation”— as in paying “tribute” to Caesar.

The income tax is especially onerous. It was imposed on federal employees as a “privilege tax” to be paid as franchise taxes, supposedly in equitable exchange for the benefits of public employment, and also on federally chartered corporations in exchange for the benefit of incorporation— bankruptcy protection, stockholder asset protection, and so on.

This special tax on federal employees can certainly be seen as unjust, until you realize that these people have knowingly signed up to work for this foreign government and that people are free to accept or reject their offers of employment, warts, enfranchisement, income taxes, and all.

The rest of us, however, who don’t get a federal paycheck and who are not operating as federal franchises, are not now and never have been liable to pay federal income taxes.

Think about it— can France tax a German? No.

Can a German volunteer to pay a tax to the French government? Sure, if he wants to.

And that is what happened in World War II. The Territorial United States Congress set up a Victory Tax program by which patriotic Americans could volunteer to have an amount equal to the tax paid by federal employees deducted from their take home pay and put toward the war effort. We signed up by the millions….. but, even though the Second World War ended in September 1945, the end date on the Victory Tax legislation simply set the end date “as the end of hostilities” and Congress never repealed the legislation nor amended the language.

Using the so-called Cold War as its excuse, the Territorial United States Congress went right on taxing millions of Americans under false pretenses. Ever since then there has been some kind of euphemistic, specious “war” going on which allows the cretins to claim that there are “ongoing hostilities” that justify continuing to tax Americans under these false pretenses.

Once unsuspecting Americans sign a 1040 under penalty of perjury stating that they are Withholding Agents, other juicy provisions kick in as well. A “Withholding Agent” is a Warrant Officer in the Queen’s Merchant Marine Service, and you have unwittingly sworn under penalty of perjury that you are one. You automatically become subject to Territorial United States statutory law, are presumed to have voluntarily given up your political status as an American, and are required to file and keep filing taxes every year thereafter. If you don’t you are not doing your “voluntary” quasi-military job duties, and if you complain that you aren’t really a Withholding Agent, you are dead in the water because you have already signed on the dotted line that you are one.

In this way, the perpetrators not only get the fat tax revenue, they gain control over you and subject you to their territorial statutory law, which allows them to prosecute you under the British Equity Law system and allows them to use their “discretion” to dispose of you and your assets however they see fit.

Thus, what started out as a Good Faith effort by Americans to help win the Second World War became an instrument of oppression and false impersonation the likes of which the world has seldom seen since the days of Ancient Egypt. Since 1941 the territorial Internal Revenue Service and the municipal IRS have pillaged and wantonly plundered the earnings and assets of millions of Americans who never held any kind of federal job, never realized any actual profit or benefit from this system, and who never actually owed any “income tax” at all.

So, you say, there must be a remedy to this gross injustice. If nothing else, the rats must have left an “out” for themselves, and so there is. If you are not a federal employee or dependent and not operating in the capacity of a federal franchise corporation, you can “revoke” your election to pay federal income taxes that you never owed in the first place.

All you have to do is send a Registered Letter, Return Receipt Requested, to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (Territorial) and the Commissioner of the IRS (Municipal) and inform them of your decision to revoke your election to pay federal income taxes and setting an effective date for the revocation.

This last bit can be tricky, as they keep changing the dates of their own fiscal years so as to trap unwary people with a few months of unaccounted for “income” left hanging—which they then use to prosecute the victim. It used to be that July 1 was the beginning of the federal fiscal year for all departments and agencies. Then some began using October 1 as the beginning of their fiscal year.

My advice would be to set the effective date a year and a half or two years prior to any current tax year. For example, for the 2017 Tax Year due April 15, 2018, I would make the effective date July 1, 2016 or January 1, 2016, just to be sure I made the severance date include all possible taxes due for 2017.

For those who haven’t filed in a few years for whatever reasons, you can revoke election to pay retroactively for up to ten (10) years, so long as you have not filed any of those years.

The bottom line is that if you aren’t a federal employee or dependent and aren’t operating as a federal franchise corporation as a result, you never owed the income tax in the first place.

But what about the Congressional Acts that tax Social Security income of retirees? The Territorial United States Congress and its “Acts” have no authority related to an American standing on dry land. That’s for starters. Secondly, the only portion or percentage of Social Security income that can be taxed would be that portion deriving from actual federal employment.

Say that you worked as a federal civilian employee for twenty years and then worked in the private sector for a Mom and Pop Store for twenty years. The only portion of your Social Security that would be taxable would be the portion derived from actual federal employment.

Please note that many Americans have trivial amounts of federal employment wages that contribute a few dollars per month to Social Security payments, mostly from part-time work such as firefighter wages for the Park Service, or a couple year stint in the military fifty years ago. Each case is different so you have to look at your own employment history, but in the vast majority of cases the amount of federal wages and the resulting contribution to Social Security retirement payments is far less than the standard deductible and can be safely ignored.

So unless you actually worked for the federal government your whole working life, you most likely don’t have to pay income taxes on 100% of your Social Security payments and may not have to pay any federal income taxes on your Social Security payments at all.

Please note that the vermin will try to mischaracterize Social Security payments based on your actual labor as “benefits”— which are welfare payments, not pension payments based on money you and your employers paid into the system.

They will also try to mischaracterize Social Security payments as “income” instead of pension payments. The word “income” specifically means corporate accruals of profit separated from capital. If you aren’t an actual federal employee and aren’t acting in the capacity of a federal corporation franchise, you have no “income”— what you have are “private earnings” being mischaracterized as “income”.

This additional after-the-fact Second Helping of people’s earnings is perhaps the most galling betrayal of trust of all. Most American are owed 100% of any Social Security payments tax-free, but by continuing to tax federal employee wages a second time, even after they are separated from employment and officially “retired”, the vermin in Washington, DC contrive to make what superficially appear to be claims on the pension payments they owe to people who never worked an actual day in their life for the federal government and they thereby reduce the quality of life for millions of American Seniors for no good reason but corporate greed.

Do you want to support corporations that knowingly, willfully bilk millions of innocent American Seniors out of pension payments they earned fair and square?

I don’t. That’s why I pulled the plug in 1998, revoked my “voluntary” election to pay federal income taxes, and never looked back. It is past time for the good-natured and patriotic and generous American people to pull the plug and stop paying taxes they don’t owe to foreign government corporations that have acted in gross breach of trust and promoted commercial crimes on our soil.

Let them tap all their Slush Funds and “Externally Managed Investment Funds” and pony up every penny and every service that they owe to American Seniors —and unless you worked for the federal government your entire working life, slap their hands when they come to tax your Social Security payments a second time. Revoke your election to pay and stand there on your little flat feet and repeat after me: “I ain’t no Federale.”

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