Valentine’s Day 2018 Letter to Donald J. Trump

Anna von Reitz

Valentine’s Day 2018 Letter to Donald J. Trump

Dear President Trump,

We listened with interest to your State of the Union Address, but note that the flag you are flying is telling a tragic tale of its own, in plain view of the Congress and everyone else. The flag hung in the vertical stripe position means that the federal corporation is unable to contract. It’s in bankruptcy. Again.

This apparent bankruptcy is caused by dishonest bookkeeping and the lack of standing of the federal corporations to access our sovereign bond assets to pay debts.

You and the Secret Service and the Generals are blissfully ignorant about how to proceed, how to capture and release the $475 trillion-worth of our assets found in France— and even if you were free to act and not merely overseeing a corporate bankruptcy, you would still not have the standing to release and recoup those bonds.

We do.

Please contact me at your earliest possible convenience to resolve this mess —get the federal corporations released from bankruptcy and begin the process of repatriating our sovereign bonds.

Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alask 99652
(907) 250-5087

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