The Americans Are Coming! The Americans Are Coming!

Anna von Reitz

The Americans Are Coming! The Americans Are Coming!

Forgive me a little tongue in cheek, but I figure that raising the alarm is appropriate. America: Some Assembly Required is available on

Our little monograph is being promoted and reviewed as “explosive”— “Intellectual C4 for the patriot movement” and “a powerful indictment of world government gone mad.”


Not what I expected to accomplish when I set out to give Donald Trump a blow-by-blow sound-bite version of the business history of America. I just thought that, being a business man, he would more likely understand things in terms of business names and relationships, contracts, mergers, hostile take-overs, frauds, identity thefts, bankruptcies, and other concepts already in his professional tool-box.

I also knew that he needed to get it fast, so I de-constructed it all into small bits that build up like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle forming the overall picture. Big concepts, but small bites.

For those who are prepared to consume it in 30-second bites and wait for the overall picture to snap into view, this is turning out to be far more successful than I could hope.

I have people all over the world digesting the real history of this country and understanding it—-quickly, often in only an hour or two. Considering how many years it took to delve out the information, that’s totally amazing. And gratifying.

Time for a personal moment, a kick-back in the old office chair, and think— the number of people who truly understand what went on here, has taken an exponential leap, a geometric progression is engaged.

Thousands upon thousands of people are learning the business history of our country in the quiet of their own homes. They are putting the pieces together for themselves. They are “getting a handle on it”.

Thanks to this most recent exercise, America: Some Assembly Required, they are doing so in record time.…/…/ref=sr_1_3…

An explosive blockbuster Indictment of the evil corruptions of America affecting the world.

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