Google Infringing Free Speech — Again?

Anna von Reitz
March 2, 2018

Google Infringing Free Speech — Again?

This week several information websites/channels have been shut down with censorship being provided (allegedly) by Southern Poverty Law Center and the (formerly and still at heart Jewish) Anti-Defamation League.

I haven’t seen the proof of who the censors are, so reserve judgment on that part of it, though it does make sense that Google would rely on organized volunteers instead of spending its own money to do its own censorship.

This should, no matter who is responsible, spark a huge debate about censorship and First Amendment rights and the limits of “federal” trespass on our property assets— because make no mistake, rights are property assets.


Those who elect to function in the capacity of federal citizens have an obnoxious habit of thoughtlessly trespassing on the rights of others. They don’t even stop to think that if they trespass upon others and censor others, that they are ultimately also trespassing against their own estate and curtailing their own freedom.

We see this with their gun control spiel and we see it with these attacks against news and media outlets that don’t actually do anything immoral or illegal, but which these people simply find offensive for whatever reasons.

I find the overall hypocrisy of the Southern Poverty Law Center offensive, but I don’t try to censor them, even when they are ignorant and when they tell outright lies. I just figure everyone has a right to be a horse’s rump.

Ditto the (J)ADL — defaming anyone is a bad thing, even if it is Alex Jones.

As for Google, what possible excuse does it have as a private business making use of public airwaves and public infrastructure for infringing upon the First Amendment Rights of Americans? None that I can see.

It’s likely to turn into a full scale you-know-what match, complete with treble damages.

Nobody has to like the SPLC just like nobody has to like Alex Jones, but when we actively set out to quash their free speech, that’s a different thing. That’s an infringement on the basic principles of this country, which allows such disparate opinions in the first place, and which we all depend upon whether we come at it from the standpoint of freedom or the standpoint of liberty.

My advice to Google? Review the content and if they aren’t advocating overthrow of the government or showing lewd pictures, turn those censored sites back on.

My advice to SPLC and (J)ADL — stop being schmucks and stomping on other people’s rights in the name of defending your own. Your opinions and likes and dislikes don’t rule the world. Other people have the right to hold their own opinions and beliefs, too.

And any infringement of anyone’s viewpoint is an infringement on everyone else’s viewpoint. Remember Patrick Henry — I paraphrase — ‘I may not agree with what you say, Sir, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.”

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