Follow the Poisons

Anna von Reitz
April 10, 2018

Follow the Poisons

You have heard the expression “Follow the money.” — well, it is the same with the current mess in Syria and the recent poisoning of the Russian in the UK. Follow the poisons used.

These exotic poisons are being produced somewhere, and most likely by some ultra-secret British or British-backed facility, that is deliberately doing these False Flag attacks in Syria.

We have global surveillance so we know how the poisons got there and how they were deployed. Now it is just a matter of finding out who produced those poisons and who was actually responsible for their deployment.

It’s not Russia. It’s not China. I would bet hard money it isn’t even Syria and certainly not Iran.

Why do I say that? The simple fact that Russia, China, Iran, and Iraq don’t need a war to sustain their economies and hold onto what they have in the world.

Another reason is that these nations have all taken strong moral stands against “depopulation” — unlike the British Government and the EU, which hasn’t said a peep against UN depopulation agendas including abortion, forced sterilization, death boards in medical facilities, and so much more that the heinous criminals have proposed.

This is because Britain and its hegemony has historically been run by elitists who don’t care about people as people and have no compassion on black, brown, or other “subservient” races. For Assad, such an attack means killing his own people. For the British, it means killing the equivalent of rodents.

It’s the Brits that need a war to fill their coffers — again. And historically, they and their Roman overlords are always the ones at the bottom of these “trigger events”.

So look harder for the perps and you will find them. Meantime, keep your powder dry and keep searching for the truth.

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