How Does Hillary Get Away With It, and Donald Trump Gets Mashed?

Anna von Reitz
April 10, 2018

How Does Hillary Get Away With It, and Donald Trump Gets Mashed?


Hillary and Bill claimed back their birthright political status when they were just kids in law school. So they are all “Foreign Sovereigns” with respect to the now-bankrupt Territorial and Municipal corporation service providers in Washington, DC.

They are Teflon. They can’t be addressed by the Territorial or Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies, because they are standing on our turf. They think that they are “beyond the law” because they helped dismantle our courts and de-fund our peacekeeping forces and unlawfully convert our government years ago.

They think that there is nobody left that can bring them to justice.

But think again.

The answer for Donald Trump is the same as it was for them. Take our offer. Reclaim your birthright political status as a New Yorker. You are already indemnified and your lawful office is bonded, just waiting for you to jump off the sinking Territorial Ship of State.

The Territorial Government and their international Bankruptcy Trustees have to accept Dual Citizenship with respect to their operations, so you can still operate as Commander in Chief and, at the same time, tell the Legal Beagles where to get off with respect to your personal life.

You can also take control of the “Press Corps” and their military masters and put an end to the witch hunt. Set the American Press free and you will help free everyone else.

You see, we own the United States. They don’t. We are the Priority Creditors. But in order to take control of that whole situation, you have to be working for the actual lawful government and accepting your lawful political status.

And until you do, these merciless bastards will continue to bombard you and your family with their witch hunt and Hillary and Bill will snicker at you, because they know “the Secret” and you don’t.

Oh, but wait, we just told you the secret…..

Come home, Donald Trump. Just come home. Set yourself free from all this B.S. and take command as the lawful President of The United States of America (Unincorporated).

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