Comment About NLA From Judge Anna  

Friday, May 11, 2018

Comment About NLA From Judge Anna

By Anna Von Reitz

NLA continues to cause trouble and get nowhere.

When I talked to John Daresh (leader of NLA)  he was clueless and would not learn.  He thought he could sashay into a British Maritime Court and hand them an American Common Law Order and they would obey it.
That is like going to Wendy’s and trying to order Kentucky Fried Chicken.
No matter how eloquent or proper your request, you aren’t getting your desired product from that outlet.
So what to do?
NLA has yet to face the fact that courts are not buildings in the same sense that houses are not homes.  Just because the building is there doesn’t mean the same good old American Court inhabits it.  In fact, the vermin started closing our courts in May of 1865 and “went in for the kill” in the 1930’s. 
The result is that we have precious few American Common Law Courts functioning and they are running on empty.
Mr. Daresh can’t seem to wrap his head around the necessity of rebuilding the Courts and the Jury Pools — which is what Michigan General Jural Assembly is doing. 
The two organizations SHOULD by all right and reason be working hand in hand to rebuild the jury pool and Court needed to support the Grand Jury.  Otherwise, you have a fancy presentment and no court to take it to.
You continue to stand there ordering Kentucky Fried at Wendy’s and wondering where your chicken is— totally missing the point that somebody has to build a KFC franchise first.
So here is Daresh and the NLA plodding forward and busting their guts for nothing year after year and they can’t figure out why nothing is working.   Oh, it must be criminally corrupt courts, right?  Wrong.  The Maritime Courts are doing what they do, just like Wendy’s pushing out hamburgers.
I told them why they aren’t getting anywhere at least five years ago and went off looking for someone with the good sense to build the Court and the Jury Pool necessary — which is when I found the Michigan General Jural Assembly.
When NLA members finally stop listening to Daresh, observe their lack of progress and start thinking of their Grand Juries as part of a Court that isn’t there anymore– they will finallly come to grips with the actual problem. 
You have to build the KFC franchise if you want Kentucky Fried Chicken.
That may sound like a stupidly simple observation and it is, but as long as people keep assuming that the courts taking up residence in their court buildings — like cuckoo birds stealing a nest– are their Courts, they can’t see the necessity of rebuilding our Courts. 
And they then stupidly flail around and attack other organizations that ARE actually rebuilding the courts.
NLA is so confused and misled in its actions, it is pathetic.  I have heard the Maritime attorneys snarking about the organization and how clueless it is more than once. Too bad Daresh and the entire NLA couldn’t be mice in a corner.
Maybe they would finally get the message that without the right jury pool and court to take action on their presentments they are about as useful to the cause as a one-legged chair.
I keep hoping that people will notice that they aren’t getting anywhere with NLA and look for why not?
Seems like even complete idiots would get tired of pushing on a pull door— ?
But apparently Daresh has his True Believers and the facts of the matter have yet to dawn on them.
They are still there at the Wendy’s counter waiting for their KFC order. And I am still standing here waiting for them to wake up and smell the java.
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