Trolls and Tribulations

Monday, May 14, 2018

Trolls and Tribulations

By Anna Von Reitz

As many of you have noted, I have been under attack in recent days from trolls running from various directions.  Consider well the old saying that a man (or woman) is known both by their enemies and their friends.

So who are my enemies and what is behind the invasion of the Troll Army?
The banks are, generally speaking, my enemies– I have identified them as one of the principal sources of the corruption and criminality infesting the various governments.  I have tried to convince the banks to come clean and start over.  
They won’t do what is right and also practical, so what choice does that leave? 
An Icelandic-style housecleaning, in which the central banks are nationalized, the bankers are jailed, and the entire system including the currency re-booted.
It’s actually simpler than it sounds.
The banks have had lots of opportunity to face facts and do the right thing of their own accord, but they are so habitually and endemically power-hungry and greedy that they can’t imagine that they are responsible for their bad behavior and need to make actual, factual, substantive amends. 
When faced with that eventuality their knee-jerk response has been akin to little kids threatening to take their bat and ball and go home.  Or spin off some Total Destruction Scenario that just makes them look worse. 
Fine, I say, but first there will be a spanking and a long time out.
As I stomp the various Pretenders into the dust, I also make enemies. Those Pretenders include the guilty World Bank, the Manna World Trust, the OPPT, the Filippina Kingdom Hacienda, and all sorts of other wannabes whose chief characteristic is that (1) they have no standing to make their claims and (2) they were insiders in the banking industry and (3) they want to glom onto American money and assets and “re-distribute” them without the nicety of even obtaining the permission of the actual owners. 
And those two activities on my part — herding the banks and stomping Pretender organizations trying to take over the old World Trust and especially the assets owed to Americans —  is what predictably triggers the Troll Army.
So who are the Trolls, actually?
Well, there’s Decker Apfel who is so brave he uses his wife’s email and Facebook accounts.  He has presented himself as a friend of Neil Keenan, but Neil and I are friends and Neil is the first one to report “Decker’s” activities.  Go figure.
There’s Larry Becraft — a Bar Attorney who has spent his career misleading Patriots and making sure they stay ignorant.
And his pal, Bob Hurt—- supposedly a leader in the Law Enforcement community, who doesn’t know the difference between a “law enforcement officer” and a “peacekeeping officer”.  Again, go figure.
And last, but not least annoying, The Copycat, Keith Livingway.  I hadn’t heard until this morning that he has returned from overseas and is living in a shack in Kentucky, so paranoid he won’t go outside. He just sent out a warrant for my arrest based on his (false) claim to own the name of  “The United States of America”—which he claimed back from a bankrupt Scottish commercial corporation that had no right to use it in the first place.
It all gets better and better, as the nests of cockroaches and lunatics surface and sound off.  We’ve got con artists and ignoramuses by the busloads, and they are stirring up all the dust they can muster —- but keep your eye on the ball.  
Get your political status records straight  and then go join your lawful state jural assembly.  This is the fastest, safest, and totally lawful way for you to regain control of your Good Name and Estate—- and begin cracking the whip over all your dishonest employees: 
Once you get these basics in place, you can follow through by issuing a metes and bounds survey of your land / home property and pasting that right over all the land titles that have been secretively created by foreign commercial corporations and attached to your ESTATE.
The tail has been wagging the dog, and you all know it — you just didn’t know how or why this happened.  Now you do.  Just read my prior post about “Whoa, Wonder Ann!  The Truth vs. The Mirror.”
The only job we have to worry about is getting our National-Level States of States back up and operating and in control of the Mess in Washington, DC.  The sooner we all claim back our non-citizen national political status and restore our actual National-Level States of States, the better. 
And as for the Trolls….
The Trolls can all chew on my rump for a long time before they reach my heart.
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