Legislation is Not Law

Monday, May 28, 2018

Legislation is Not Law

By Anna Von Reitz

This is going to come like a thunderclap on a very quiet day, but this is the truth and the fact:
Legislation is not now and never has been law for anyone but those subscribing to or employed by or dependent upon the government services corporations.
The vermin have neatly side-stepped this by forcing our inclusion in their scheme almost at birth, and claiming that we are either volunteers, employees, or dependents. To hedge their bets in this swindle, they claim that we are all three.
JOHN MICHAEL DOE is purportedly the name of a “decedant estate trust” formed when our Mothers “donated” us as “wards of the state” before they left the hospital.
JOHN M. DOE is the name of a volunteer employee and public transmitting utility franchise, recently bankrupted in Puerto Rico.
JOHN DOE is the name of a pauper dependent on the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) kept as the Attorney General’s Charitable Trust in each county in this country.
And it is all Bushwah. All deliberate fraud. All foreign finagling.
So, remember that you are not subject to legislation, no matter what they claim—- object to it. Also remember that you are the original Entitlement Holder to your name and you can prove that simply from the fact that your actual birthday on the BC is always at least a few days earlier than the “file date” when the local branch of the municipal US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE dba Bureau of Vital Statistics created the Decedant Estate NAMED after you.
It is time that the entire world woke up and realized that this entire process is based on extortion, fraud, racketeering, and unconscionable contracts being foisted off onto innocent people by commercial corporations that are simply in the business of providing governmental services.
It is also time to realize that our employees have been embezzling from us for the better part of 150 years, which means that they cannot hope to ever pay us back, and must be forgiven, just as we must be released from the resulting odious debts.
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