Gross Ignorance

Anna von Reitz
June 8, 2018

Gross Ignorance

Pause and observe the ongoing debate of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Bill and wonder—-just how ignorant the Territorial United States Congress really is?

They have finally awakened enough to realize that they haven’t got any war-making powers, but they don’t know why.

They know that they have no statutory authority to declare war on Iran. That’s a blessing.

They still think that it is POSSIBLE to have “statutory” war-making powers — and they are serious about all their discussions concerning this concept, too. That’s a real problem.

In truth and in fact, the only war-making powers they have ever had for the past 150 years is in the euphemistic sense of corporations going to “war” against other corporations.

The Civil War….The Spanish-American War….World War I…..World War II….Korea…..Vietnam…..Iraq I…..Iraq II…..Libya…..Afghanistan….and all the many, many, many lesser conflicts, incursions, and “police actions” —- have all been illegal commercial mercenary “conflicts”.

Why? Because the Territorial United States Congress has no lawful ability to declare actual war, and statutory authority to declare war doesn’t exist by definition.

This is why the Nixon Administration kept on calling it “the Vietnam Conflict” instead of “the Vietnam War”. Tricky Dick was a lawyer and a sharp one. He knew what he was mired in over in Southeast Asia. He knew that calling it a “war” would obligate him to follow rules he didn’t want to follow.

Same thing with changing McNamara’s title from “Secretary of War” to “Secretary of Defense”. More weasel games. More twisting. More lawyer BS.

All the protocols and conventions, all the diplomatic efforts, all the pomp and circumstance —- the Lieber Code, the Geneva Conventions, the Hague Conventions — all for naught, because none of these “conflicts” have actually been wars.

Anyone who knew the truth about this was free to thumb their nose and skate, because there are no rules of war, no treaties, no civil conventions that apply to “private commercial security actions”—-and that is all we have been engaged in for longer than any of us can remember.

Our honorable men, our soldiers-in-fact, have been used as gun fodder and as very ill-paid mercenaries in wars for profit for fifteen decades.

Iraq doesn’t want to sell us their oil anymore? We bomb them to smithereens and pollute their entire landscape with nuclear waste that we used to keep in salt mines in Nevada.

Libya wants to lift the yoke off the necks of the people in Africa by using a gold-backed currency? We invade this much smaller, virtually helpless country, and pound our chests and kill their leaders and pretend that it was something glorious.

Well, no, it wasn’t. It was thuggery of the very worst sort, being directed from Mayfair and Black Port, routed through Washington, DC.

How dare those upstart Africans aspire to have their own money and live their own lives? At some point, they might even aspire to use and have the benefit of their own natural resources, and that really would be inconvenient for certain European interests.

The “American” Civil War was over bad British investments in Egyptian Cotton. The First World War was a squabble between Cousins over who could build the bigger navy. The Second World War was another squabble between half-brothers, deliberately set up to fleece and then destroy the Jewish population in Continental Europe. Things just got a little out of hand. Korea? Opium. Vietnam? Rubber plantations. Iraq? Oil. Libya? Gold currency. Afghanistan? More drugs.

It’s not pretty. It’s not patriotic. It’s true.

It’s also true that nobody in their right mind would volunteer to go risk their lives to promote robbery and self-interest and political thuggery in other countries, so there always has to be a cover-story, some reason however vaporous, that justifies all this senseless aggression and puts a nice, moral face on Commercial Feudalism.

Just listen to the Musical Chairs propaganda as the vermin test the water, trying to find some excuse to go to war with somebody, because face it, we’ve been used as the source of mercenaries for the past 150 years. That’s how Washington, DC, makes its money — by selling our children into slavery at home and into mercenary service abroad.

We replaced Landgrave Wilhelm von Hesse-Kassel as the supplier of mercenaries worldwide and as a result, we’ve been kept at constant war for 150 years, selling our young men just like the Hessians all bought and paid for by George III to come over here and fight with the Colonists for eight Pounds Sterling.

It’s like Spinning the Wheel of Fortune. Where is the arrow going to land next? Iraq? Iran? Afghanistan? Turkey? Spain? How about Mali? Lord knows that they tried to get some kind of civil war ginned up right here in the United States, working every angle of racial and economic divisiveness to do it.

And meanwhile, painfully, blinking like moles come out into the sun, the members of the Territorial United States Congress begin to wake up and smell the java: we don’t have statutory authority to declare war…..uh….well, wait….is there such a thing as statutory authority to declare war? Ever? At all?

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