Call Out to Frank O’Collins — It’s Time

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Call Out to Frank O’Collins — It’s Time

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Frank,
As you know, I have been an admirer of your scholarship and research for a long time.  As you also know, I have battled with those who stole your work and who have attempted to use it for evil purposes.  I know the gift you have given and I also know the absolutely vile, inexcusable, and false lie they told you about your own genesis.
Come to me, if you will, via whatever channels please you.  It’s time.  The final phase of the Apocalypse has been joined and the timelines are running.  In this crucial moment for all mankind those who have been Chosen and Sent, and those who have volunteered for this Mission, need to meet and join their combined energies to defeat and lay waste to The Lie and the Lies, once and forever.
It has been written on your heart to do this and given to your mind to be among the leaders and to stand among the Blessed.
All those reading this who know Frank, please make sure that he gets the message: it’s time.


Dear Anna,

Thank you for your open letter (June 14, 2018), for your perseverance
and above all for your courage in pursuit of the truth. As you and many
of your readers know – such a path is not for the faint-hearted.

I wish to apologize to you and to all of your readers who may have felt
my absence was in any way a reflection of abandoning them, or
intentionally restricting important research information. I also deeply
regret any hurt or anger some may feel when I have politely declined to
endorse dangerous or reckless acts that serve no ultimate benefit to
genuinely raising knowledge and competence – instead merely fulfill deep
seated desires for revenge or ego.

A “Law” is a proper and authentic Rule that describes, prohibits or
permits certain Acts. The highest law is Divine, followed by Natural,
Cognitive and then Positive law. Positive Law is the set of moral laws
enacted by valid associations of living higher order beings through
proper authority for the governance of a body, community or society.

Rule of Law, is the guiding principle and standard of equity and
fairness that determines whether a society or body is governed by Law,
or without any valid, legitimate or effective law, namely: All law is
equal that no one is above it; and All law is measured that all may
learn and know it; and All law is standard that it may always be applied
the same.

As all legitimate Positive law is by definition based upon some model of
Morality, a law that is fundamentally morally repugnant is antithetical
and by its very nature heretical to the notion of Law. Such law need not
be repealed, but simply proven to be morally repugnant within a
Competent Forum of Law and such a law ceases to have any force or effect.

“Justice” is the set of lawful Rights and Obligations of use, defined by
those Laws consistent with the proper Rule of Law; and the Rights and
Obligations associated with the proper administration and enforcement of
such Laws in good faith, good conscience and good character.

I state these facts not to lecture you or your readers, but as a
reminder that the founding principles of truth and indeed the Law itself
can be expressed succinctly, coherently and comprehensively. There is no
need to great treatises or endless lectures. Sure, the Law becomes more
and more complex, the deeper one seeks to comprehend historical concepts
– but the foundations of what the Law is and what it is not, has stood
since the beginning of human civilization.

Nothing that I have done in terms of temporarily turning off sites, or
restructuring information is about denying the rights or requests of
others to learn. Instead, I have faced very real threats against my
life’s work and the theft, fraud and misrepresentation of my
intellectual property, creative works and unique inventions – and such
legal matters have consumed several years, many hundreds of hours and a
fortune in costs and lost opportunities.

The theft, attacks and misrepresentations forced me to rethink and
defend myself or lose everything. None of it is about abandoning the
integrity of what I have shared or discussed over the years. But when
you are under surrounding attach and relentless onslaught seeking to
grind you into the dirt by any means – then it takes its toll.

I do not and cannot dwell on the details of such matters – and they have
been soul destroying, causing untold mental pain and suffering at the
hands of people who have been more than willing to exhibit outrageous
conduct and complete reckless disregard to my rights and my work – but I
hope soon to be in a position to re-engage with you and everyone, once
such matters are properly concluded.

So thank you and know that despite the legal and financial challenges
that have cost me so much irreplaceable time, with what time I have
left, I look forward to continue to finish my works, to contributing and
to help people in a positive way.

All the very best,

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