My Court and Pernicious Disinformation

Thursday, June 28, 2018

My Court and Pernicious Disinformation

By Anna Von Reitz

My Court and Pernicious Disinformation
Among the very first actions of the Alaska Legislature (notice, “Alaska Legislature” not “State of Alaska Legislature”) was to set up the “Alaska State Superior Court”. Notice again that it does not say “State of Alaska Superior Court”.
These are two (2) different courts and refer to two different court systems.

Recent comments and disinformation being spread compel me to sort this out — again — for those too lazy or ignorant to think things through for themselves.

Alaska — the actual State — is a different animal from the “State of Alaska” They operate in different jurisdictions of the law.

Alaska and the Alaska State operate in public international law.

The State of Alaska and STATE OF ALASKA [and now, the so-called “regional state” of “ALASKA” which is merely another corporate franchise of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. being fronted by Jacob Rothschild and the French Government in an attempt to keep the old game going despite our repeated refusals to accept any contract with them—] all these corporations operate under private international law, otherwise known as “municipal law”.

Also, as a result of our history, Bar Attorneys cannot operate our side of the court system. We have to do that by ourselves and for ourselves, because nobody else on Earth is authorized or paid or obligated to do it for us.

This is part and parcel of what “self-governance” is about.

There is nothing fishy about our Alaska State Superior Court, but there is something very fishy indeed about the absence of other courts like it fully functioning in every corner of America. And that is part of the restoration that is underway.

Let those who claim that I am a “fake judge” be aware: land and soil jurisdiction justices wield far more power than those practicing the Law Merchant.

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