Yaaay, Rhode Island! Fifty of Fifty!

Anna von Reitz
4 hrs

Yaaay, Rhode Island! Fifty of Fifty!

Very recently I put out a call to Rhode Island, explaining the situation— that they were the only State in the Union that hadn’t answered the call to assemble.

As soon as our brothers and sisters in Rhode Island got the message and were pointed to the right direction [https://national-assembly.net or contentmanager1@yahoo.com] —–they got busy!

It’s only been a couple days and I can report back that all fifty States are now present and accounted for in the National Assembly. Let’s hear (across the miles) a round of applause for Rhode Island!

We are on our way home, folks.

The land and soil jurisdiction States are assembling and the people these states rightfully belong to are “coming home” and populating them in droves, overcoming the treasonous Breach of Trust and Fraud that has been perpetuated against us and against our lawful government for generations.

If you have ever wondered why the “tail” in this country was wagging “the dog” and why your public servants have been playing the role of your masters, wonder no more— and don’t waste a moment more — come home and take care of your own business and reclaim your (e)states.

Join your State Assembly by contacting the National Assembly today.

The National Assembly of We THE People.

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