Fence Sitting Gets People Nowhere

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Fence Sitting Gets People Nowhere

By Anna Von Reitz

There are a number of Americans -even Americans who should know better– trying to sit on the fence.
Well, I am a country girl. I have sat on a lot of fences— and what I can tell you about that, is that it leaves you vulnerable to attack from both sides.
It’s not a good or safe place to be.
Especially not now and not if you are eligible to reclaim your birthright political status.
To put it bluntly, the advantages of your birthright status are so far superior to any Territorial or Municipal status that your failure to reclaim your original estate is suspicious.
If you really are the rightful heir, why would you hang back and fence-sit?
This then draws attention to you from both sides.  The cows consider nibbling your backside and the pigs are watching your front.
You are presenting yourself as “neither fish nor fowl”– so what are you? An American? Or some kind of Federale? Or?
In such a situation the Federales will assume you are one of them and they will subject you to their statutory law and to their Municipal Code and all their Public Policies without question. 
So you gain nothing by fence-sitting.  You only regain safety and control of your assets by making the decision and commitment to come home and truly adopt your lawful birthright political status.
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