Indigenous — What? 

Judge Anna   August 20, 2018

Indigenous — What?

I hate the way native tribes are running around mindlessly claiming to be “indigenous” as if this is the new buzz-word for reality.

What in God’s name do they think we all are?

Where do we all come from, but the Earth?

Do you seriously think that white people and black people and yellow people come from some other “source”?

Do you think that my body was not built from atoms gleaned from the soil of Wisconsin, the same as any Indian from Wisconsin?

Those touting the “indigenous” horn are just trying to find some other, new excuse to claim that they are different and “special” and “better” and “more equal” than everyone else.

This, after spending six generations in a subjugated second-class “citizenship” status themselves?

Their continued attempts to claim “special” status and to lord it over other people just proves again that Hannah Arendt was right: we become what we hate.

After suffering generations of injustice, today’s “indigenous leaders” can’t wait to hop on the gravy train and promote the same exact kind of injustice against other people.

There are very few “indigenous leaders” with the vision and true humanity to get past “the Past” and embrace what is possible now.  Most of them are concentrating on “getting theirs” and subjugating others under some new malarkey “system” that idolizes “the indigneous” without honoring Mankind as a whole.

Sorry.  My Shinola Sensor went off the first time I heard this and it is still going off, and though being “indigenous” may be fashionable now, that fad will change tomorrow —– and then what?  Then will you enjoy being demonized as “savages” and whatever other new labels might be applied?

Don’t you get it, yet?   That labeling yourself leads to your own destruction, as well as the destruction of other people?

The moment you label yourself “indigenous” you label everyone else “non-indigenous” (though in fact they are just as “indigenous” as you are) —- and there are a lot more of them?   I mean — a LOT more of them?

The odds were 9 to 1 against in 1862.  The odds are now more than 40 to 1.  Hello?  “Indigenous” leaders?   You still want to go on with this game, trying to benefit yourselves instead of benefiting the whole human race?   Trying to settle old scores with and for people who are long, long dead?

You come back to the fact that as long as you abuse Mankind for your own advantage, you abuse all of Mankind, including yourselves.

It simply isn’t possible to draw these distinctions and apply these labels without getting caught in your own deceit, just like it isn’t possible to stub your toe really, really hard without hurting the rest of you.

Wake to hell up.  Everyone.  Please.  Now.

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