To Be Clear About the Paperwork

Judge Anna

To Be Clear About the Paperwork

Destry Payne did not do the paperwork I recommend that every American do.

(See Article 928 on my website:

Bruce Doucette didn’t do the paperwork I recommended, either.

Neither did Stephen Nalty.

Neither did Ammon Bundy.

Neither did the Hammonds.

Neither did LaVoy Finicum.

Neither did Steve Curry.

I could go on all day long listing all the people who have listened with only half an ear to what I am saying, and who have paid the price for not doing a few hours of due diligence and maybe a half-day chore of recording some paperwork.

All these men thought they knew better.  They all went their own way.  They all trespassed into Federal Jurisdiction.  They all suffered the consequences. 

Rain falls from the sky.  Water runs downhill.

We are living in a bogus state of manufactured political “war”, which is considerably more phony than any $3 bill, but until you realize what is being promoted against you and by whom and what, it is not possible to gain control of the situation or take any action to correct it.

Now, some people have done the paperwork and have still been arrested by highway patrolmen and so on.

Best be aware that there is no automatic computer-generated connection between what you have on file at the Recorder’s Office and what the police have on their screens.  You not only have to record it, you have to bring it forward.  (Someday, hopefully quite soon,  there will be a database connection, but not yet.)

When people do this and knowledgeably defend their position as landlubbers, miracles are happening.  Mortgages are being set-aside and “paid off”.  People are leaving jails, set free because they are not subject to statutory law.  The Indemnity Bond is being honored. 

The police, the judges, and the “Machine” are slowly waking up along with the rest of America, and beginning to come to heel, but these are early days and these atrocities against our States and our People have been going on for a long time.

Imagine that you are at the helm of a Supertanker far out at sea and you are trying to execute a 180 degree turn around and reversal?  Even at “Full Speed” that kind of change takes time.

So is the paperwork a Silver Bullet?

Yes, so long as you don’t murder, rape, steal or do other things that damage actual people and property.  And so long as you get it on the Public Record prior to running afoul of THEIR law.  The Truth will set you free, so long as you establish what your truth is and provide proof of it. 




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