Where We Are— and Why

Judge Anna, August 21, 2018

First, I don’t want you to think that I or anyone on my Team at The Living Law Firm are “anti-government”.  That’s not even part of the discussion.

We have done everything we could to help President Trump.  We provide him with information he doesn’t have.  We provided the bond needed for him to occupy the actual Office —- The President of The United States of America.  We gave him the keys, if he chooses to use them.

Right now, Donald Trump is standing on the other side of the fence, like a Matador facing off a bull.  He’s in action.  He’s dealing with the Beast directly.  And we are cheering him on while we are standing on our own side of the fence, dealing with other aspects of the Mess.

These are separate “spheres” or “realms” that only superficially connect to each other—spheres of interest with a fence in between.

If Mr. Trump needs to leap over the fence, he has the means to do so, thanks to us.  We didn’t leave him thrown to the wolves or the bulls or the bears. He has access to the true powers of government.

That said, the foreign corporations responsible for preying upon our people and our resources for 150 years somehow imposed upon Mr. Trump to continue playing their game.

They set up what I call “Le Republique pour les Etas-Unis” in France and they set up THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) in Scotland, to continue the same old Babylonian enslavement scam.

Their big change was to flip-flop so that Scotland was responsible for the Municipal Government and France was providing the Territorial Government.  Whoopee-ding. Big reform.  

Now, I don’t know what they told Mr. Trump or what arguments were used to convince everyone involved to try to boot up another round of the Great Fraud, but once the “F” word has been used, as in “Fraud”, it is time for the Musical Chairs to stop and the actual Mess to get cleaned up.

We rolled the State Trusts into the sovereign States and slapped Agricultural Liens on the foreign government corporations infringing upon our copyright and patent of The United States of America, the name of our unincorporated Federation of States.

We have been outrageously mistreated by our own employees.  We have suffered an unimaginably criminal Breach of Trust at the hands of those obligated to act as our international Trustees.  And they have used our own money, our own resources, to do all this disservice to us.

The creation of  “The Republic for the United States of America” in France and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) in Scotland is just proof of ongoing criminality on the part of the French and UK, the Pope and the Queen.  Their whole attitude appears to have been a very arrogant — “Who cares if the Americans know?  They will never do anything about it.” 

Well, we just did.  We rolled all our assets right off their playing field and seized upon their corporations, lock, stock, and barrel.

The upshot of this is that they cannot borrow against us or our assets under false pretenses anymore.

Their announcement of a historically huge military spending bill — $716 billion worth — was the final straw.

It’s not that we don’t support our military.  We do.  For actual defense of our own country.  For our veterans.  But we are not suffering our people to be “sold” as mercenaries for sale anymore, and we are not paying any Odious Debts, and both the Queen and the Pope have been given more than adequate Notice of the Facts.

No doubt this is causing a lot of dismay among the perpetrators.  Oh, no, our “System” has been used against us!  Oh, my!  What now, Bugsie?  The Queen declares war against the United States?  We turn Rome into glass?

Or everyone finally gets their hands out of our pockets and gets real about what they owe this country and the people living in it?  And we forgive them their debts, which they cannot pay, and receive back our credit and our assets.

It’s very simple once you blow past the hogwash.  They have made false claims in commerce against us and our assets for 150 years.  They’ve embezzled trillions of dollars out of this country and left our innocent people indebted for all this. They have used our young men (and more recently, young women) as mercenaries. They have acted as racketeers operating under color of law on our shores. They have used lies and deceits to collect debts that people never owed.  They are criminals. Transgressors.  Pirates. 

And if they want anyone to believe anything different about them, it’s more than past time for them to stop their wrong-doing and come to terms. Lack of imagination as to how to do things differently is no excuse. 

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