Two Gods — Which Do You Follow?

Two Gods — Which Do You Follow?

There are two gods in the Bible and it requires careful discernment to know which is which. Both of them speak and both of them reveal themselves and how they operate.

For example, our Father doesn’t kill. He doesn’t break his own Law. He doesn’t take delight in the smell of burning flesh.

And he doesn’t force His Will on anyone. He gave us free will so that we could explore and make our own choices and learn our own lessons.

He has even told us (within the Torah, no less) how to preserve ourselves from those set out to deceive and destroy us. He complained to Moses— why are you bothering me, after I have told you everything you need to know?

And even today, He tells us the Truth, if we will listen. He says, “Unlike you, I manifest, I don’t represent.”

These words spoken to some humble men in Georgia, are true. They are the crux of the whole matter set before us.

What we fight with, what causes us all the trouble, are fabrications — “representations” of life—-lies, labels, offices, images, political parties, idols and corporations, not the actual Earth at all, but “the world” —a false and illusory construction which we have created out of our own misguided imagination.

Those who confuse America with the “United States” and who teach that America is “Mystery Babylon” are wrong. Lift up your hearts and your prayers for deliverance from evil.

Know that your God is just and kind and not deceived at all.

Those who placed the Great Whore in New York Harbor as an insult to America —- they are known to Our Father. They will reap what they have sown. Those who have planned the destruction of others will learn that their evil intentions come home.

As for the rest of you— don’t let your hearts be troubled. Nothing in Heaven nor on Earth can separate you from the One who has always loved you.


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