A New Proposal for Half-Staff Protocol

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A New Proposal for Half-Staff Protocol

By Anna Von Reitz

John McCain was no hero, whatever else he was.
His voting record and activities in the Senate for the past thirty years reveal a man deeply devoted to his own legend, a liberal agenda mixed with war-mongering,  and very little else.
So now McCain’s legend is being played 24/7 on the major media organs — think pipe organs if you can — and the best that can be said of it, is that it will soon be over, and we should have little cause to hear the name or think of his deeds again.
Those of us who witnessed the career of McCain are left with the haunting question of how could any political process — even one as nonsensical and venal as a High School Prom election — fail the people of this country so completely and for so long?
How could the people of Arizona fail themselves for that long, and apparently think nothing about it?
Was the simple Borg-like manta of “you know his name so vote for him” the only explanation of his success?  Or did the early adoption of digital voting in Arizona play a part?  We may never know.
To me, the career of John McCain, once a GOP Presidential Candidate, is a mystery akin to the Cherry Tree in Washington’s legend.  What cherry tree? Why a cherry tree?  Why not an apple tree?  Any corroborating evidence?
The whole story about George Washington and the Cherry Tree that I was told by Mrs. West back in 1962, turned out to be a complete fiction, “in the spirit of an instructional homage” to Washington.
Just like Santa Claus.  Just like John McCain.  Just like so many other fictions created to serve a purpose, avoid a truth, or dodge a bullet—–and which all leave us empty and cynical and wondering who — besides John McCain, needed to make him into a war hero and why?
There may be nothing glorious about good men being duped into serving as mercenaries in foreign wars for profit, and lied to and paid next to nothing to risk their lives, but many of them served with real honor and courage and distinction.
Why aren’t the flags lowered to half-staff for every man lost in actual combat in Vietnam?  They were the real heroes, the ones who gave their all.
But, you say, that would be thousands of days at half-staff, over a hundred years-worth —-!   And I say, well, maybe we should do it anyway.
Maybe the people of this country really need to think about what has been going on while we have been deceived into worshiping images and Hollywood-style legends that turn out to be empty as old paper bags.  Maybe leaving our flag at eternal half-staff would remind them of what is true, and how much we have lost.
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