A Perilous Thanksgiving

Judge Anna

A Perilous Thanksgiving

On November 19, 2018, the Enemies of all life on this planet sacrificed their own High Priest. It happened — of all places — on Long Island, New York.

They sought to create a rift in time and open up “the gates of Hell”. They failed.

It did cause a nasty burned stench. It did send out a shock wave of stale energy that was released.

Many of you may have noticed this as a vague sense of unease and an odd color of sunlight and moonlight, too, over this Thanksgiving holiday.

I am sorry that I wasn’t able to enjoy or share with you all the joyousness of this special holiday, but as ever, the evil-doers among us choose to do their works while normal people are otherwise engaged.

[Yes, Virginia, there is a reason that they passed the Sixteenth Amendment to their corporate “constitution” on Christmas Eve.]

This happening is a clear indication of just how desperate the situation is for the members of the Cabal, and the necessity of keeping the pressure on them.

I have recently been criticized for telling the Pope and the Queen that both Rome and London are slated for demolition. It’s not because of me or anything I’ve said or done that this is so. It’s because of them and what they have done and failed to do, and the poor choices they continue to make.

It is apparent now that most, if not all, of those involved in these evils cannot imagine their own salvation, cannot believe that they could ever be forgiven, and so, have chosen to play their hand.

The utter failure of their “workings” this past week must be generating even more fear and panic.

As for me, I had a brief, blindingly beautiful moment of Thanksgiving, and otherwise had to work through the worst of the aftermath.

The worldwide manhunt for Lucifer is over. He was murdered by his own followers, under water, using a special ritual sword.

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