Hopefully Final Comment on the Manna World Holdings Trust

Judge Anna

Hopefully Final Comment on the Manna World Holdings Trust

I was sent yet another announcement from “Tank” this weekend.

Once again, it’s necessary to tether everyone to reality.

What happened is this: people and national governments deposited gold and silver and gems and other valuables in banks as “Special Deposits” — the kind that are stored in bank vaults, not on computers.

The bankers, politicians, and some members of the military decided among themselves to steal these private assets, since they had physical possession of them. They blocked the actual owners and trustees from having access to these assets and used the assets to underwrite their own spending and investing for many years.

Eventually, of course, this was discovered and more and more of the actual Trustees began to move and to connect with each other. Beneficiaries who have been cheated also began to come forward. Things have gotten “hot” for the bankers as a result.

So, the lead banker of bankers, a man occupying the office of “Marduk” took several actions and all the other bankers followed his orders.

They established a “Drop Box” called “the Global Debt Facility” where all the ill-gotten loot that they claimed was “abandoned” could be cashiered. Enter Karen Hudes.

They instituted an Artificial Intelligence and computer program initiative with the full support of the banks. This so-called “Quantum Financial System” is in fact a re-hash of old binary filing system technology.

The banks turned over all their records concerning the Special Deposits and the AI – Quantum Finance system placed all these accounts on a separate accounting system and handed it to Kim Goguen aka “Kim Possible” to manage.

They also came up with this fantastic lie about her being the only heir of all these accounts and her “special” DNA and contracts going back 16,000 years allowing all this.

I tell you the truth, these jokers can’t even give us a decent accounting of how they have mismanaged the accounts and money of The United States of America [Unincorporated] since 1860.

So much for them keeping the books for 16,000 years.

They have basically stolen “title” to the bulk of private wealth in the world and are now using this to bribe everyone and to underwrite governments and do all sorts of things — and there is just one thing wrong with it.

It’s all based on more lies, more fraud, more force, more theft.

I have told them very frankly that while the Children of Enlil are allowed to take against the Will of Our Father, they are not allowed to mess with or ruin anyone else’s portion.

I have also told them that the days when they could get away with half-truths and shenanigans like this are gone, that we no longer live in that kind of world.

The theft of all these privately owned assets is just another theft. Nothing special. Nothing beautiful. Just more of the same.

And it will come to the same ends and results as all the thefts and injustices before this. Why? Because water flows downhill. Fraud taints everything it touches. And the Truth will out.

I have suggested that Kim work with the actual owners and/or trustees of the assets, most of whom are just average people, not “Illuminati” and not from any special banking families. This is the only way that true settlement and justice can be done.

Otherwise, you should all see her and her efforts as the result of the bankers trying to maintain control while appearing to give it up.

You should all recognize that the consolidation of power over these private accounts by one woman is the working out of the banker’s “one world government” at the expense of innocent people — and even Kim herself, who does not seem to understand that she is doing anything wrong.


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