Tips for Healing the Earth

Judge Anna

Tips for Healing the Earth

I started quite a lot of commentary and response with my guided meditation to melt the Seventh Seal on Bardsey Island and then circle the globe with healing power.

Many people trying to do this for the first time find it too hard to concentrate on moving their consciousness around the globe. The moment they reach out like this, they feel confused and overwhelmed. And in many cases, startled.

I used to use a globe to help visualize the determined pace of my healing force moving around the Earth. I just slowly turned the globe and imagined the healing power penetrating the rock and stone, the blood and the bones, the turf and the trees…. the buildings and every living thing.

I suppose you could just hold a small globe in the palms of your hands to give yourself something physical to concentrate on.

Whatever it takes to help focus your thoughts and feelings on healing the Earth and unblocking the natural energy conduits is good. So what if it takes visualization “training wheels”? It is like anything else, you get better at it with practice.

As your intent is to unblock the energy conduits of the Earth, breathe deeply and consciously yourself. Feel the relief of being un-blocked. Stretch out in your spirit — unwind that tight little cinched up ball in the middle of your being. Release yourself and let go into the flow of life all around you.

Quite a number of you have written because you were startled to find out that you could indeed sense when you hit a “hard spot” and were surprised to find that Spain and Southern France and Italy and Greece are all bound up.

They have been that way for many centuries.

Send them love and health and healing and journey on.

Melting the Seventh Seal on Bardsey Island is the key to unlocking all the rest and clearing the channels of the Mediterranean at last.

However you want to think of it — de-gunking the conduits with a tunneling machine, blowing a strong blast of air through them, sending a wall of cleansing water through the pipes.

Our thoughts have life and energy and they stir our emotions, which are even more powerful. For many generations, evil-doers have known this and have manipulated our thoughts and feelings to generate negativity and disease and misery.

It is well beyond the time when we each need to take heed of their evil and their manipulations and, so advised and aware, step forward to take control of our own empowerment to create life and love and health and passion and glory.

And peace.

Unfurl your wings, you butterflies. Become what you were always meant to be, and don’t be afraid of the winds you are meant to sail on. Bring forward the mighty unseen power of the spirit within you and speak your will for the Earth and for yourself and for your family and for your country, too.

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