Light Unto the Peacekeepers

Judge Anna – September 20, 2018

I keep getting indications that desperate people are trying to organize their own local peacekeeping forces to enforce the Public Law, but they are often confused about how they can do this and how their activities are different from those of all the “law enforcement personnel”.

Just as there are “Americans” and “U.S. Citizens”, there are “Peacekeepers” and “Law Enforcement Officers”.

You must get it straight in your own minds who you are and under which system of law and government you are functioning—and work within that system,  or you will be arrested and prosecuted.  Any ignorance must be thwarted and overcome and your own proper paperwork etablished BEFORE you embark on a career as a Peacekeeper.

Just this morning I got an email from a group of would-be Peacekeepers in Colorado who made the mistake of trying to order “law enforcement” badges, and who were fortunately rebuffed by the manufacturers of these items.  They don’t know how lucky they are, that the badge manufacturer warned them.

Here is what I told them– and I quote:

We do not need badges.  We need stars.  The Five Pointed Star with the fifth point pointing straight up is the emblem of our Sheriiffs and Marshals and they are not “law enforcement officials” but are “peacekeepers”.


The symbology goes back to the fact that Americans live under the Law of Men and US Citizens live under The Rule of Law.  The upward painting Five Pointed Star is the symbol of Mankind, thus the proper emblem for us and our system of Law— not corporate badges.  

There is no confusion about who you are or what system of law you are enforcing so long as you know these emblems and facts.

These people are correct in refusing to issue “badges” to peacekeepers.

The peacekeepers have to become knowledgeable enough about who they are and what their role is and what their Law is that they don’t ask for or expect badges.

Our American Common Law emblem is a Silver Star, 5 Points, with the Fifth Point Straight up, with the name of the Office inscribed/indented , “Sheriff” for example, and the name of his political domain, “Montrose County, Colorado” for example, on a ring encircling the star.

The ring encircling the Star and the statement of the domicile of the Office gives Notice that the Office is “limited” to the physical parameters of that County. [Remember that land offices, unlike sea offices, are rooted within and limited to specific geophysical boundaries.]

You can use the same Star and designation for our United States Continental Marshals.

In that case the circle of metal around the Star would say, “United States Marshal” and “Third Postal District” for example.

We are not acting as incorporated entities so we never use all-capital letter designations at all.

“JOE BLOW” denotes only two things: (1) the estate of a dead man; or, (2) an incorporated entity. 

Living men never use all caps for any purpose but these–and since we are not operating in either capacity, we use only Upper and Lower Case Names for Offices and Place Names.

That’s why these are “Proper Nouns”– any other use or style is “improper”.

Likewise, never use the word “of” as in “State of Colorado” or “County of Jackson”.

“Of” means apart from or aside from or belonging to whatever follows it.

Your State is Colorado. Just that. Period.

Your County is, for example, Montrose County.

Put those words on your Star and the have no excuse for making any presumptions or complaints against you nor any cause to object— presuming of course that you have your own claims in order and on the record and have given the District Attorney Notice of your Non-Incorporated Standing prior to assuming your Peacekeeping Office. 

Peacekeepers act as men enforcing the Public Law of this country. Law Enforcement Agents and Officers are private security personnel enforcing the private law of governmental services corporations on the employees and dependents of those corporations. 


I will follow that up with some additional important pointers for Peacekeepers and Law Enforcement Officers, too:

  1. Peacekeepers always outrank all Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s)  when dealing with issues that impact living people on American soil. Always, without exception. The County Sheriff can tell any “US MARSHAL” to take a hike.
  2. The only issues to be determined are— (1) are we dealing with people who have chosen to act as living people, that is, as Americans, or (2) are we dealing with people who have knowingly and voluntarily chosen to act as officers, employees and/or dependents of foreign governmental services corporations–that is, as “U.S. Citizens”?
  3. As this has been considered to be a political status and a matter of private choice in the past, the only way to tell the difference between “Americans” and “U.S. Citizens” or “citizens of the United States” has been whether or not the man or woman’s name has been registered as a “U.S. Corporation” or not.
  4. We are finding that a great many of these registrations have been falsified and put in place without the knowledge or consent of the actual Possessors of the underlying Trade Names, which results in Americans being chronically and unconscionably misidentified as “U.S. Citizens”—and deprived of their natural and unalienable rights and constitutional guarantees, misaddressed by Law Enforcement personnel, railroaded into U.S. Court venues that have no actual jurisdiction over them, and subjugated under foreign private statutory law. Peacekeepers have the right and the duty to claim jurisdiction for anyone who maintains their identity as a living American.
  5. Peacekeepers and the people they serve need to establish their identity as the actual owners of their Given Trade Names and record these facts on the public record.   Also as a result of the widespread false registration problem, Americans need to give Notice of their Non-Corporate Status and Standing on the Public Record and stand ready to provide such proof of status and standing to Law Enforcement Officials—otherwise, LEO’s presume that everyone they meet is subject to the statutory laws they enforce.
  6. Peacekeepers enforce the Public Law, including the provisions of the Constitution owed to Americans, the Unrevised United States Statutes-at-Large, and the General Session Laws.  They do not enforce Statutes, Codes, or Regulations of any kind.  That is the duty of Law Enforcement Officers, and Law Enforcement Officers are only supposed to be addressing other “U.S. Citizens” — not Americans.

A seminal U.S. Supreme Court case, Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc., has established that Law Enforcement Officers may, if they so choose, enforce the Public Law and uphold the Constitution(s), but it is not in their job description and many of them fail to honor the Public’s trust.

  1. Peacekeepers except for The United States Continental Marshals work exclusively for and with Public Courts operating under American Common Law and under the supervision of Justices and Justices of the Peace.  The United States Continental Marshals work for Postal District Courts under the auspices of The United States of America [Unincorporated] and the supervision of Postal District Judges.

It goes without saying that many, though not all, Americans, have been purposefully misinformed and dumbed down about these and other issues of law and jurisdiction and the proper functioning of our government —- including LEO’s and members of The American Bar Association and The United States Bar Association.

Final Note….getting back to the problem of securing proper identification for Peacekeepers in each of the States of the Union:

It is in keeping with our tradition that each State and County has its own recognizable Five-Pointed Star emblem, according to Trade Name and applying within the recognized geographic boundaries.  These star emblems  are allowed their own distinctive hallmarks, designs, colors, texture pattern and other embellishments added to the basic Five-Pointed Silver Star.  These distinctive “Sheriff’s Stars” can be worn as a pin over the left breast or carried in a leather wallet designed for the purpose.

They should be made of actual silver and in addition to the Proper Name of the Office such as “Sheriff” or “Deputy” and the name of the County and/or State, should have distincidentifying information incised or permanently engraved on the back of each star.  For example, the Peacekeeping Sheriff of Montrose County, Colorado might bear the inscription:  Joseph Layne Alexander, Peacekeeping Sheriff, Montrose County, Colorado, J.L.A.19560909TNTUSA, standing for “Joseph Layne Alexander, born September 9, 1956, Tennessee, The United States of America [Unincorporated].”

Every element of the design should be strictly defined, including the size and the type font used for inscriptions.

Traditionally, Sheriff’s Stars have been made by jewelers commissioned to make the pins and the jewelers have further authenticated them by adding their own “Maker’s Mark” to the back of the Star.

Temporary Deputy Stars are traditionally numbered and issued according to a written roll-call record that keeps track of which pin is issued to who and for what time period using a sign in/sign out log.  This allows the Sheriff to issue identification to Temporary Deputies as needed.

And one final note — Peacekeepers do not take “Oaths” which are part of religious ceremonies and they do not swear or pledge “Allegiances” which are part of ancient feudal practices of giving allegiance to a king.  Peacekeepers are not Bonded by Surety Bonds.  Those are all provisions that may or may not be work requirements for Law Enforcement Officers depending on which governmental services corporations they are working for— but in no way apply to Peacekeepers.

The so-called “swearing in” of deputies so often depicted in old Hollywood Westerns is not actually an “oath taking” and is instead a Public Acknowledgement in which the man accepts the responsibilities of the Office he is entering as a Peacekeeper in front of two or more Witnesses. There is no mention of any “God” involved, as our lawful government maintains separation between Church and State.

This Public Acknowledgement is sometimes done by a whole large group of men at once, each and all witnessing the others, and then they hit the leather and ride off to catch bad guys as a Possee.  Far more typically, men are elected as Deputies and do their Public Acknowledgement in front of the Sheriff and a Justice of the Peace under far less dramatic circumstances.

The purpose of this is to set forth in short order what the duties of a deputy or sheriff are, and for the office holder to make public admission that: (1) he or she is aware of what the duties are, and (2) that he or she accepts the responsibility to perform those duties in good faith.  This creates a Public Record of the Office Holder’s commitment and accountability — to the General Public in the case of Peacekeepers, and to their corporate employers, in the case of Law Enforcement Officers.

As always, rights go with responsibilities, and roles are defined by the duties of the Office and the jurisdiction within which an Office operates.

Ignorance as a Defense — A Reply for “Eeyore 2.0”

From Judge Anna – Sept. 20, 2018

You have been told repeatedly that “Ignorance of the Law is no defense.” — but studiously left uninformed of the fact that “Ignorance caused by non-disclosure is an adequate defense.”

So, listen up, Campers.

Our ignorance about Satan and Satanism was deliberately enforced.  It was decided by the Learned Church Doctors a thousand years ago that the less we knew about Satanism the better — for us, and most pointedly, for the Church.

They figured that if the Church was the only option that people knew about, the Church would be enabled to save all souls.  And corner the religious market.

To some extent, of course, they were right.

Their more or less successful suppression of Satanism followed the same pattern as the Roman efforts to the same end: the average people were gradually encased in a nice cocoon of ignorance about any such nasty subjects, but the elite and the most educated members of society were taught — on the theory that it was necessary for Rulers to know.

So the Rulers were taught Babylonian necromancy and Phoenician aphrodisiacs, Egyptian, Persian, and Enochian Magic, Tarot and seances and all manner of things that are otherwise forbidden.

What inevitably happened in Rome and, as it turns out, in modern Europe, was that the leaders and the elite became corrupted by their knowledge of Satan and Satanism.  They were lured by their lust for power and riches and sex and all the other “goodies” that Satan has on offer,  and so Nero and Caligula fiddled and slaughtered while Rome burned, and Queen Victoria sold her kingdom in a vain attempt to permanently subjugate the entire Sub-Continent of India. 

And here we are.

The reverse side of the argument concerning our ignorance/innocence is that not knowing our Enemy leaves us sitting ducks, totally unaware and unprepared, unable to recognize the nature and cause of all the Evil besetting us on every side and unable to trace the growth of its corruption until it erupts in full stinking bloom.

It’s really quite simple.

Just take everything you have ever been taught about virtue and redefine virtue as vice and vice as virtue.

Now lying is prayerful, and every form of adultery, prostitution, and perversion is sacred and good.  Bearing false witness is a religious duty and deceit in all things is an obligation.  If it is considered good in normal society to protect and care for children, then under the boot of Satanism, endangering and harming children is the rule of the day.  Usury, bondage, enslavement, and purposeful murder are also applauded, practiced, and elevated as “art”.

If communion with the dead is forbidden, then the Satanists will find a way to do it in broad daylight.  And make a profit from it, too.

Most of all, Satanism is about death.  It is a Death Cult.  Its followers rejoice in destruction, misery, terror, and death.

Just think of those “Isis” cage-burning and crucifixion videos coming out of the Middle East.

All they needed was a giant cast iron furnace in the shape of an owl and we would have been witnessing a repeat of Sumeria in 10,000 B.C.

You think it can’t happen here, now, in the modern world?

It already is.  Abortion worldwide is already claiming more lives than disease and will soon out-strip the death toll attributable to war.

Killing babies is one of the most venerable and hallmarked practices of Satanism and the closet Satanists among us have sold three generations of Americans the idea that legalized age-dependent murder is a good thing.  

Listen closely to all those screaming Banshees wailing shamelessly about their “sacred” right to abortion during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Sacred? Really?

The rise of this Ancient Evil is taking place right under our noses, and though we can smell the rot, too many of us still can’t give it a name: Satanism.

There are those who claim that the Gospels are a farce promoted by the Romans to intellectually enslave us. There are those who say no such person as Yeshuah ever existed.  Even very good friends from my youth roll their eyes toward the ceiling.

How could I be so naive as to believe this obvious bastardization of the Egyptian Isis Myth?

The essence of the truth is that you must believe things because they are worth believing in, and no other reason.

You choose life instead of death.  You choose right instead of wrong.  You choose compassion instead of contempt.  These are choices about what is worth believing in and nurturing, never mind all the nastiness that exists.

As for the rest, I realize that I am part of the One Life that was and is and always will be, and that is enough for me to lift up my head and shine, shine, shine.

Eeyore — and you know who you are —  I hear you.

“What’s the use?  People never learn…. You teach one generation and by the next generation, they forget. I don’t see the point in it anymore. I’m tired, Chief.  Let’s go home.”

And I see your stooped shoulders like a mountain shuffling westward to the sea, old and cold and dark, but you can’t fool me.

There’s still a volcano deep inside of you.  There’s still a heart that cares.  You are still in love with this beautiful creation.  And in your way, you keep faith with it.

Even so.

In this War of the Spirit the battle doesn’t belong to the young and the innocent and the brave.  This is our war, Eeyore, and the battle is ours — the old and the cold and the sharpest blades.  This is our day.  Sharpen your teeth and get ready.

My Bad Attitude

From Judge Anna – September 20, 2018

My Bad Attitude

First point– this can be an ugly world. And I have seen plenty of that ugliness. I have seen how every nasty, prurient, self-serving, lousy aspect of human nature gets “employed” by the Satanists among us and how every virtue can be twisted to serve the Devil, too.

Some people call this a “Bad Attitude”. Others recognize it as wisdom.

There is, in fact, a Bad Attitude that is required, if you don’t want to be taken in and messed with and abused. You have to be skeptical. You have to be hard. And sometimes, you have to be rude, too.

Second point — we are dealing with Satanists, whether we wake up and realize it or not. Satanists and their flunkies make up around thirty percent of the population.

And Satanists worship the Father of All Lies.

They lie about anything and everything. They lie for money. They lie for amusement. They lie for political advantage. They lie simply to lie.

Third point — think about what you are being asked to believe.

Normal children who are harmed by predators go to their parents and tell them that they have been hurt. Why? Because they trust their parents to protect them and help them feel better.

The parents then report the abuse to the police.

The police investigate. Reports and complaints are generated. All sorts of interviews take place, including mental health interviews, medical examinations, and so on.

If there is sufficient evidence, charges are brought.

So what kind of child doesn’t report abuse?

The children of Satanists don’t, because their own parents abuse them the same way.

If Uncle Marty rapes you, it’s no big deal because Daddy already did the same.

And there is nowhere to go in the mind of such a child, because if they go directly to the police, all they will get is more abuse, or, they will wind up dead.

So, enter Professor Ford and all the people coming forward with claims of rape and sexual molestation and attacks from thirty years ago.

The Big Question in my mind is, and has to be: “Why am I just hearing about this now?”

This question is rapidly followed by: “Why didn’t you tell your parents?” and if they were old enough, like Professor Ford — “Why didn’t you report it to the police?”

I have to be hard-boiled. I have to ask these questions. And so should you.

Bearing False Witness is part of the Satanist’s religion. They think its a great when when they tell a Whopper and garner some advantage for themselves.

Their law is: “Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.”

You get no points for being gullible.

If they can’t get someone into a compromised position, that inconvenience doesn’t necessarily stop them. They will lie and say they did anyhow.

Satanists use lies as tools to accomplish goals and make money, and once you understand that, your innocent Bleeding Heart impulses get seriously curtailed. For example:

There is an entire industry that lures young girls into lives of prostitution. It works like this. They look for and target girls that are dissatisfied with their family for some reason: they have to share a room with an obnoxious younger sister, they don’t get an allowance, their parents expect them to work during the summer, they don’t have a car, parents won’t let them party, and blah, blah, blah.

Then the sympathetic Recruiter tells them how easy it is to be “emancipated”— set free from all the disciplines and hardships of life at home. All you have to do is tell a school nurse or some other ready ear that your Father molested you, and the court will set you free.

Just say it, whether he did anything or not. Lie.

They don’t mention all the nastiness the victim will endure once they do it. Nobody tells them that their family will be destroyed, that their parents will most likely divorce even if the Big Lie is exposed, and how their younger siblings will be thrown into the Foster Care System.

Nobody mentions the double-bind these girls put themselves in— how they will be shamed and pitied no matter what they do.

And most of all, the Silver-Tongued Devils never tell these young ladies that after you are “emancipated” at the tender age of fifteen or sixteen, there is still a need to find a place to live, to earn your keep and make a life without the support and love and network of a family—- because guess what?

You destroyed all that.

After the dust dies down and the social workers move on to the next case, the Recruiters befriend the victim. They take her out and show her a good time and they suggest the “lifestyle” she can have as a whore…. all she has to do is lay on her back, spread her legs, and make plenty of money.

And since she is too young to have any other skills…..

This has been going on non-stop for decades in America, and with all the billions of dollars spent on police protection and investigation, nothing gets done about it. And no matter how often the social workers hear the same story and see the same results, they never report it, never put two and two together.

Their story— and they are sticking to it — is that millions of American Fathers diddle their daughters, and that the girls are so “damaged” by this, that they gravitate into lives as prostitutes.

Fourth point — all this is BS.

These girls are being misled and coached, deliberately, to make false accusations against their Fathers and other male caregivers. They are being sold a bill of goods for the purpose of recruiting them as whores.

And that is just one particularly nasty example of how the Satanists among us work to destroy lives, create victims, and then prey upon them for profit —- and all via the simple vehicle of a Lie.

Did Kavanaugh get drunk as a teenager and paw over Ms. Ford?

Here’s my Bad Attitude:

If it didn’t matter enough to Ms. Ford to report it when it happened thirty years ago, it surely doesn’t matter to me now.


First Fraud, Second Fraud, Kavanaugh Proves His Prowess– and Gets My Approval 

First Fraud, Second Fraud, Kavanaugh Proves His Prowess– and Gets My Approval The essence of the First Fraud against Americans is that when we say “United States” we are using the original meaning of the words — as in “the states united under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence” — but when THEY, the Federales, say “United States” they are always referring to some version of the Federal United States, Territorial United States, or Municipal United States.  They don’t know or don’t allow that any other version of “United States” exists, until you haul out the actual Declaration of Independence and rub their noses in it.  

When my Mother repudiated their claims, she very clearly enunciated exactly what she meant by “United States” versus what THEY meant by “United States”. She also tackled the word “citizen” and pointed out that Americans live in state republics and that we can either function as “nationals” of those republics and have no official duties or we can act as “State Citizens” when we occupy a public office and work for one of our state republics.  And in no case do the state republics allow Dual Citizenship.  Put a big star by that fact.  So far as our state republics are concerned, you are either for us or against us. No wishy-washy.  You are an American or you are not.

So, if you are an American, you can be a “state national” known as a Virginian or a Wisconsinite or Californian and have no official duties or obligations to the government at all.  Or, you can work for the state republic in a Public Office — such as a Justice of the Peace or Public Notary — in which case you are a “State Citizen”.

Those are the only two options for an American, even though in a general sense, people talk about being “from the United States” —meaning all the states as a group, it is more exact and proper to say that we are from The United States of America.  Note that “Americans” come from “America” and if we take up any international office in behalf of all our States, we are acting as “citizens” of The United States of America—- not what the Federales refer to as the United States.

This is also why there are two different kinds of Passports — those issued under the auspices of The United States of America  for those of us who live in the States and those issued under the auspices of the United States for those who live in the Territorial or Municipal United States.

The Second Fraud against Americans occurs because the Federal United States is supposed to exercise nineteen enumerated “Powers” of our States “for” us.  They are all powers that belong to our States of the Union and they are all “Powers” arising in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  We “contracted out” those functions when we signed off on the Constitutions — all three of them: Federal in 1787, Territorial in 1789, and Municipal in 1790.

So these “Enumerated Powers” are actually our powers, but they are being exercised for us by subcontractors.  The subcontractors we hired to do this were the Federal United States, the Territorial United States, and the Municipal United States, each with specific limited duties and roles to fulfill.

Unfortunately, the Federal United States organized under The Articles of Confederation ceased to function in 1860 and has been moth-balled “pending Reconstruction” ever since.

The Territorial United States operated by the British Government usurped itself into position to take over the role of the Federal United States in Gross Breach of Trust and Contract and has been exercising the so-called “Delegated Powers” to our detriment ever since.

Still later, the Municipal United States operated by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation got into the act, so that nineteen of our most important international functions have been commandeered and have been exercised to our detriment by foreign  “federal” subcontractors purported to be acting “for” us and under our authority.

This then leads to the confusion used to promote the Second Fraud.  We have four entities, The United States, which is the original Union formed under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, the moth-balled Federal United States, the British-run Territorial United States, and the Municipal United States all being referred to as “United States”, so when asked if you are a “United States Citizen” or a “citizen of the United States” — it can mean any of several different things.

For Americans, by definition, “US Citizen” can only mean that you owe duty to the original United States —- “The United States”.

For Federal Citizens — employees or dependents of any of the “federal” entities — it means being subject to the Queen if you are inhabiting the Territorial “United States”, or being subject to the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation if you are inhabiting the Municipal “United States”. 

But which is which and what do you mean by it?   If I say I am a “horse” I leave the door open to all sorts of assumptions and presumptions about what kind of horse. And that is precisely what has gone on here.

It has been convenient and very profitable for the British Territorial Government to presume that when you check a box on a form saying that you are a “US Citizen” that you are a Territorial United States Citizen, and not an American merely meaning that you have an allegiance to The United States.  This subjects you to the British Queen, makes you liable for her debts,  and instantly deprives you of your constitutional protections.

The same thing happens with the Municipal United States and its corporate “Government”.  The presumption that you are a Municipal United States CITIZEN subjects you to the whims of the Municipal United States CONGRESS, makes you liable for their debts, and also deprives you of your constitutional protections.

Obviously, you have to be extremely explicit about what you mean by it when you say you are a “United States Citizen” or better still, avoid all that confusion and explain that you are a national of The United States of America and not under any citizenship obligation at all. 

For an intriguing and enlightening expose of this whole issue, observe the word-play going on between Lindsey Graham and Supreme Court Justice Nominee Kavanaugh:

Both these men know that “Americans” are exempt from prosecution in military tribunals and by the military’s own admission we are owed The Law of Peace: AR 27-161-1 so long as we properly identify ourselves.  Every senior JAG officer worth his or her salt knows this, and here we have two of them on opposite ends of the stick.

What court and system of justice and form of law is owed to all the non-Federal, non-citizen civilians indicted for pedophilia, human trafficking, and related crimes?  And what is the status of Territorial United States Citizens versus Municipal United States CITIZENS facing these same Tribunals?

Technically, so-called “Federal Grand Juries” and federated State of State Grand Juries can’t even address an American National, nor can they produce a “jury of our peers” from their jury pools.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have thus far evaded arrest by seeking safe-harbor in our jurisdiction, thinking that The United States of America is uninhabited and that our judicial system is so far decayed that we cannot possibly arrest and prosecute them under the Public Law.  But we can.  And that is the actual, factual answer to the veiled debate going on between Graham and Kavanaugh.

Americans are owed the Public Law, which means the Un-Revised United States Statutes-at-Large, and the General Session Laws of their States.  In any military tribunal we are owed The Law of Peace —- and only regarding issues that are legitimately within military jurisdiction.

Obviously, the crimes of soldiers and corporate officials are within military jurisdiction, and just as obviously, the crimes of Joe Average are not.

The Truth about the “Injustice System” that the US Attorney General’s Office has been running and the railroading of Americans into federal jurisdiction is about to break out, because the high ranking criminals will expose it rather than be tried themselves.

Our land jurisdiction Grand Juries can present charges against Americans and indictments against Federales, both.  And this is the end of the Great Fraud — when enough Americans understand the importance of reclaiming their birthright political status and restoring the right functioning of their government, well-educated pirates and criminals will no longer be able to play “jurisdictional hop-scotch” and escape prosecution for actual crimes— and equally,  hapless, innocent Americans will no longer be mis-construed as any kind of Federal citizen and railroaded into federal courts.

And here is one other crucial Fun Fact:  even though we see all sorts of Municipal Courts, “Family” Courts, Traffic Courts, etc., and all sorts of “State of State” and “STATE OF STATE” courts —- all of these courts are bringing their prosecutions through the U.S. District Attorneys.

So when Joe Blow, Bar Association Attorney, brings a “civil” case against you, he is not actually working in any kind of private capacity nor is he working for any Court that has any natural jurisdiction over you and he is not actually operating in any civilian capacity.  He is working as an adjunct to the U.S. District Attorney, who is the “Person” actually responsible for prosecuting you for any and every crime and infraction, from speeding tickets to murder. And they are doing absolutely all of this under the false presumption that you are a “citizen” of the Federal United States, Territorial United States or Municipal United States.  

It is for this reason that when you file your paperwork related to a court case in ANY court no matter what the Court is named or what jurisdiction it displays, that you send a copy to the U.S. District Attorney, informing him/her that you are an American National, that you are exercising your exemptions and have reclaimed your reversionary trust interest in your state and your natural birthright political status—- and are not “voluntarily” acting in any federal capacity at all.  Make sure that you carbon copy the whole package to everyone involved — the Judge, the opposing attorney, the Clerk, and the District Attorney.

When you go after these bastards, it will be the US District Attorney’s Office responsible for failure to honor your exemption and your indemnification from loss and damage.

The actual Prosecutors never read the case files.  This is so that they can maintain “plausible deniability”.  If they get caught improperly prosecuting Americans under false presumptions and enforcing unconscionable contracts, they can plead that they never saw the evidence you provided the Clerk.  And the Clerk can plead that he or she has no duty to nurse-maid the Prosecutors.

So you need to shove it down the throats of the US District Attorneys and they need to discipline the local Bar Attorneys and Judges, who have been getting rich racketeering and pillaging bogus PUBLIC TRUSTS.

And everyone needs to look sharp and mind their hind-quarters.

Please note:

Graham: So, if you’re in Afghanistan, do your constitutional rights protect you against your own government?

Kavanaugh: If you’re an American in Afghanistan, you have constitutional rights as against the U.S. government.

See what is really being said?  If you are on foreign soil, do your constitutional rights protect you against you own government?

You have to stop and ask yourself — “What’s my own government?”

If you are an American, the Territorial United States is not “your own government”.  It’s a British entity.  And if this entity were your “own government”, you would have no constitutional rights in Afghanistan or anywhere else.  If you are an American, the Municipal United States is not “your own government” — ditto, ditto.

Kavanaugh knows this, so he very properly responds — “If you are an American in Afghanistan, you have constitutional rights as against the U.S. government.”

If — and be prepared to prove it.

American — not a “US citizen”.

Against the U.S. government  — not your own government, but a government under subcontract via the Territorial or Municipal Constitutions.

Your own government in international jurisdiction is The United States of America [Unincorporated].  Know it, say it, make it explicit as a sharp knife.

The Queen Found Guilty

The Queen Found Guilty

It has been established by incontrovertible evidence in the matter of Paul Anthony Hill [Mu-ad Dibh] v. Elizabeth II “Regina”, that the Queen violated her Coronation Oath three days after she accepted it, and that she and her Government have functioned in constructive fraud since June 6, 1953.

There is additional evidence that both the Queen’s Father and Grandfather did the same.

The people of the British Isles are owed a Christian Monarch occupying the throne of The United Kingdom. The entire Coronation process is designed to guarantee the acceptance of that role and responsibility—- and to assure the people of their Queen’s accountability to Christian law and principles.

One must also remember that the Queen is the titular head of the Church of England, an additional Office that she is obligated to serve in Good Faith and Honor.

Instead, three days after her Coronation, Elizabeth II abdicated the Christian throne and occupied the pagan “Chair of the Estates” instead.

The immediate impact of this is the unlawful conversion from Public Law to private corporate law being practiced throughout the realm in otherwise Public Courts, the use of “legal” rather than “lawful” presumptions in these courts, unlawful conversion of private property into public property, enslavement and press-ganging of living men by a process of personage and impersonation, and all the other evils we have witnessed.

This additionally means that the entire British Government has been functioning as a criminal organization since the 1870’s, and this has implications for the entire world — not just the British Territorial United States.

When we started our investigations we naturally thought that this whole problem was endemic to the United States, but soon found that it had proliferated worldwide and had its factual modern genesis during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Exactly how and by whom this continued to be “pulled off” despite all the protections and provisions against it was not immediately apparent, but the Queen’s abdication of the lawful and Christian throne provides the answer.

She willfully converted the mechanisms of her Government and the Judicial System to the service of the pagan “god” Baal, and adopted the Talmud as the form of “law” to be used. Like her own abdication, these “unstated” provisions were implemented with no Notice given to anyone in a position to object.

This Gross Breach of Trust and the profound violation of The Rule of Law which is involved must be addressed by Parliament and by the United Nations and by the Geneva and Hague Conventions. Mr.

Trump, please take note.

England has had no Queen since 1953 and all actions undertaken since then are in doubt, as are the actions and authorities of her predecessors back to the 1860’s.

The secretive abdication of the Christian throne and occupation of the pagan Chair of the Estates is an act of purposeful, criminal fraud against the people of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the British Territories and the Commonwealths worldwide– including the British Territorial United States.

Elizabeth II’s secret abdication is the single most virulent source of the criminality which has infested government services corporations worldwide, created the Matrix of Corporate Feudalism, and reduced governance to the level of modern day Robber Barons.

We have the right, the responsibility, and the power to require an end to this circumstance—-bankers, kings, and queens be damned.

By Operation of Law, The Throne of The United Kingdom stands vacant. The Queen is “civilly” dead, murdered by her own hand 65 years ago. The Parliament was adequately informed of this circumstance and has done nothing. It is time for international intervention or there shall be no Rule of Law and no safety for anyone anywhere on this planet.

A Plea for Common Sense and Brotherhood

Yesterday, I got a blazing tabloid article across my desk: “Pope Blames Satan for Exposure of Pedophiles in the Church”.  The “spin” of this article was to accuse the Pope of  protecting pedophilia among the clergy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Francis was observing the obvious.  Of course, Satan is bringing all this to light. Who else knew?  Who placed those men in their positions?  Who tempted and compromised them?  Who decided to pull the plug and sacrifice them to the Cause of tearing down and discrediting the Church?

Obviously, the head Fallen Angel in charge of the entire effort set this up, and just as obviously, a decision was made to expose the operation at this time.

We are witnessing a pre-planned, long-term, purposeful, predatory attack on the Roman Catholic Church, something that is decades (at least) in the making.

The bankers did this to insure that if the Church exercised its authority to curtail their operations, they would have “a bomb”– “an insurance policy”–  to employ against the Church.

By 2008 the corruption of the banks had become so apparent that Pope Benedict XVI had to act — and he did.

Within a week, the pedophile accusations began coming in and Benedict himself was blackmailed with accusations of homosexuality.

This was a “tit for tat”—and the deeper the Church delved into the bank corruption, the more the banks unleashed the pedophile scandal.

This “coincidental timing” should tell you all something about the situation — (1) that the Church is being retaliated against by criminal factions in the world banking community; (2) that those same criminal factions pre-planned and infiltrated the Church leadership with their own operatives; (3) that the exposure of these same operatives is deliberate and well-orchestrated to promote chaos within the Church and discredit of the Church at a time when the Church’s authority over corporations needs to be effectively exercised.

Who has the authority to liquidate corporations acting as criminal syndicates?

The Roman Curia and the Pope.


Because the Holy See created the entire concept of corporations — trusts, cooperatives, foundations, limited liability corporations, S-corps, C-corps — you name it, all these business entities and structures were dreamed up by the members of the Curia, and by Maxim of Law, the creator remains responsible for the creation.

Quite simply, the Corporate World is on the ropes.  They know they have been endlessly corrupt and have over-stepped their bounds and failed to honor the requirement that they function “lawfully” –which is part of the obligation the Church placed upon corporations as a condition for the creation of all corporate entities worldwide.

So the corporations and especially the Big Banks are trying to control and destroy the only power on Earth that can bring them back under control and put a limit on their criminality — and if necessary, liquidate them.

THAT is what is at stake and it has nothing to do with pedophile priests.

Let me suggest that there are laws on the books to deal with pedophiles, vampires, persons engaged in trafficking, and every other crime imaginable, but there is only one Curia responsible for the proper functioning of corporations worldwide.

If the corporations can gain control of the Curia, they can continue to rampage at will with no accountability to the Public.  This includes the “governmental services corporations” that have dis-served us for six generations and which are firmly entrenched and evil to the core.

It’s time to see through all this garbage and the sins of individual men and to rally round the Church and the Roman Curia as it struggles to regain the focus and sense of purpose and strength to deal with the Corporate Evil which will otherwise impact billions of people worldwide.

My roommate in college was Catholic.  I am a Lutheran.  She saved my life.

I was going through “the dark night of the soul”.

A great many adversities had piled up on my young life: my beloved Father was dying breath by breath from emphysema, my Mother was on the edge of mental and emotional breakdown because of this, and our entire family was horribly impoverished by it. I had one pair of shoes for all occasions and was working my way through school on scholarships and summer jobs.  On top of that, I had lost several long-time childhood friends, some to death and some to other circumstance beyond my control.  My despair was complete.  I felt utterly alone.

And then, my Catholic roommate who had only known me a few weeks, looked at me and shook her head and laughed.

“Of all the people I have known,” she said, “you are the least helpless.”

She said it with such complete, utter certainty, with such sincerity, I had to listen.

“Look at yourself,” she continued in her practical, flat-footed way. “God has blessed you with an intelligence I can’t even imagine.  You must believe that there is a reason?  That there is a purpose, even for your suffering?”

And she was right. All that early suffering and deprivation was a proving ground, a place where I learned my own strength, a time when my faith hit rock bottom, where I faced off fear and loss and poverty and loneliness.

My roommate couldn’t begin to grasp all the “devils” I fought with for the next several years.  She couldn’t conceive the questions I asked or the answers I found, but she stuck by me and loyally supported me and shared her own life with me as a loyal friend through it all.

And she was Catholic.  And I was Lutheran.  And it didn’t matter, because at the heart of our relationship stood the firm love of Yeshuah.

Let us all get beyond centuries of doctrinal in-fighting and the stupidity and blindness that goes with it.

Let us all realize that our similarities far outweigh our differences.

Let us, as Followers of the Way, the Truth, and the Life, join together to help the Roman Catholic Church bind up its wounds and celebrate its victory over Evil and recognize its true nature as a Communion of Believers in all that is good and all that is just and all that is right.

Like me all those years ago, the Roman Catholic Church has been beset by evils, weighted down with trials and pain and misfortune on every side, left standing embattled from within and without.

Let the rest of us be that voice of comfort and certainty in the storm.  Let us stand with the Roman Catholic Church worldwide as Fellow Believers, united and unafraid, resolved to recognize and put an end to the evils of Satanism wherever they are found and no matter what the risk or the cost.

We are all soldiers and bondsmen of Our Righteous Savior. We have all committed to this fight.  The Watch Fires have been lit at St. Peter’s.  Will we answer the call?

Let us all pray with one united heart for the leadership and membership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Let us all pray that the Roman Curia finds the strength, the cohesion, and the determination to address The Mess that the corporations have created, and let us all support them in the tasks that Our Father has set before them. 

How Do You Want and Need to Operate?

How Do You Want and Need to Operate?

Do you want and need to operate as a franchise of a federal corporation?

Advantages: bankruptcy protection if needed.

Disadvantages: Subject to 80 million foreign statutes, rules, and regulations and bearing the cost of enforcement thereof via taxation.  All assets and property interests held as collateral backing the debts of the federal corporation sponsoring your franchise(s).  Having to support two often conflicting layers of “federal government” — both Territorial and Municipal, and obey the laws and support the interests of both.  Being deemed automatically “guilty” and liable to pay any bill presented in one of the Territorial or Municipal Courts.  Being considered a “THING” under the law and your body being considered “cargo” belonging to the THING named after you, subject to seizure and impoundment — arbitrary arrest and detainment.  Loss of all Constitutional guarantees and limitations. Subjection to the whims of foreign governments.  Loss of control over your assets and property interests.

Or do you want to float your own boat and take care of your own business?

Disadvantages: Must either self-insure via an indemnity bond or secure private insurance.

Advantages:  Not subject to any form of statutory law, code, or regulation.  Must actually injure someone or their property and Injured Party must appear in court to accuse you before you can be addressed in a court; lawyers cannot “represent” injured parties that are legal fictions and operate against you. You own your own body and keep your own assets.  You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. You are not subject to search, seizure, or subjected to being considered a THING.  Your body is not subject to unlawful arrest or attainer.  All Constitutional guarantees are upheld. You stay in control of your Good Name, own your own assets, and retain your interest in all your property. You are not required to pay federal income taxes and once land is held in your name and under your copyright, you are not subject to property tax, either.

Now, this is a pretty straight choice.  Are you a THING or a living man?  Subject to foreign statutory laws of private corporations?  Or only subject to Public Law?

Inheritor of all interest in America and the American States, or a foreign “resident” only sojourning here as an “alien” on our shores?  Subject to “federal taxes” and owning only “property”—- or not a federal corporation or officer, and therefore not indebted and not subject to taxation?

You need to make up your mind, once and for all.  And then follow the logic of your choices accordingly.

If you wish to operate as a THING and subject yourself in all the ways enumerated— hop to it. Subject yourself as in “subject to a King” to their foreign-for-profit governmental services corporation and let them whip, beat, and help themselves to your assets.

Otherwise,  wake up and get moving to reclaim your Good Name and Estate.

The History and Current Status of The White Snake

FROM JUDGE ANNA – September 12, 2018

The History and Current Status of The White Snake

The White Snake (Dragon) came to Britain in Megalithic times, at least 10,000 years ago.

It’s image was used as the battle standard of King Vortigern, circa 450 A.D, when Merlin made his first prophecy, saying that the white dragon (Vortigern) would be defeated by the red dragon (Uther Pendragon).

The red Welsh dragon and the white Scottish dragon have been at war ever since.

That suits them, as dragons are devoted to perpetual war, war, and more war. This is because war profits them at every one else’s expense. And they grow stronger in an atmosphere of anger and fear.

A statue of the red dragon stands in the courtyard of the Inner City of London to this day, it’s demonic presence still being felt to the ends of the Earth.

And the white dragon? Went home to Scotland, there to sulk and scheme and rebuild its strength.

With Satan in chains and the foundations of the Inner City shaken to the core, The White Snake now stirs itself in the form of The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Lord High Admiral.

The White Snake, like Philip, is old and sick and weary to its bones, wise with the plunder of many defeats, impatient for its aims to be won; it is uncoiling itself and spreading its cobra-like hood, resting on the narrow beach of Loch Lamond.

The White Snake still has the run of its portal to the open sea. It still mocks the world of men and the name of God.

“Crown them with seven crowns,” he mocked, about the churches, “and pluck them from the depths of the sea. These men are nothing to me. Their weapons have no sting. Their words —- they have no meaning.”

So he turned his back and looked seaward, no longer troubling himself to answer me, though he knows better.

And I took my path homeward to the heights of Mt. Snowden and called down the vengeance of Our Father.

Be aware that Elizabeth II reigned as a Christian Monarch for exactly three days. Her reign ended on June 6, 1953.


Prepare Your Minds and Hearts–

FROM JUDGE ANNA – September 12, 2018

Prepare Your Minds and Hearts–

I have said before that your bodies are like space suits, which allow your consciousness to dwell in this dimension, but I must add that human consciousness is not the only form of consciousness that can inhabit a human body.

Angelic consciousness and demonic consciousness can inhabit a mortal body just as well, like putting a shirt on a large dog: it may not fit well, but it will do.

And so it is that when we contend with Evil in High Places, there are those who appear to be human because they are “wearing” a human body—-but are not human.

This reality is told to you plainly and many times over in the Bible, but in talking to people I get the impression that most of us have not really taken this information to heart and consciously considered what it means in practical terms.

It means that that nice lady at the PTA meeting– or political party convention– may in fact be a demon inhabiting a human body.

Or that man standing on the street corner with a “Work for Food” sign, may be an angel in the flesh.

To your eyes, they look the same as anyone else and you cannot tell the difference.

Adding to the confusion there are other entities that can also inhabit human flesh — for example, beings from the Devic Kingdoms, who are Nature Spirits and have no moral consciousness at all beyond an alliance to the Truth.

And now, Artificial Intelligence, AI, is making its debut, a profane man-made melding of computerized machinery and human neural networks, further confusing an already jumbled roster of beings that appear to be fully human — and are not.

I am bringing this to your attention because in days to come this information will help you make sense of the world.

You will hear what has been done and planned in the dark and it will horrify you. I have heard it, and it horrifies me.

You will wonder how people could think and do such things, and the answer is, simply, they are not people. They are demons inhabiting human flesh. They are the children of Satan.

They shouldn’t even be here, but they are—so, we have to deal with that fact.

It will be quite a shock to your senses and your mind to deal with the realities of this circumstance, and you may feel paranoid at times — but that will pass and you will learn to recognize all these “other” beings that inhabit our world, a learning process that will serve to eliminate their power and influence.

After all, if you could see the snake, you would avoid the snake. Or kill it. You would not invite it to tea and take its advice. You would not elect it to office. You would not let it run your educational system or control your media.

A Big Thank You– Heartfelt and True

A Big Thank You– Heartfelt and True

I was just talking with someone who asked me — how did you and your volunteers manage to do all this?

He was standing there, mouth agape, staring at the piles of paperwork and the lists of projects.

And I had one of those sit-down-and-stop moments, recalling all the days in all the seasons of the year and the years that have been devoted to doing this work — and the envelopes coming in the mail and how as I have opened each one, my mind and heart have reached out to the people sending donations.

It’s like filing the paperwork reclaiming each state of the Union.

You think of that state and the people living there, in little snippets of their history: New York and Rhode Island, Florida and Maine, Kentucky and Texas…… each one carries its little “picture” in your mind, of the land and the people living there.

So I have thought of each one of you sending us whatever extra you could manage, and if I couldn’t see your faces, I thought of your state of the Union or your country, and said, God bless you!

How have we managed to do all this, you say?

It’s because people donated their Rippie winnings and their Cookie Jar stashes, it’s because they came home early from vacation and spent three days researching the history of West Virginia, it’s because of a truck driver who donated a penny for every mile, and a vacuum cleaner repairman who shared his lunch money and an orthodontist and a secretary and bunch of retirees…..and so many others who all pull together and make it happen.

It’s like a football game in which we have played yard by yard. It’s tough, and no doubt about that, but we have done it.

I eyed my guest. He was gasping. “You did all this with no organization backing you?”

We, the people, are a greater organization than any corporation the Earth has ever known. And it’s not a matter of politics or selfishness or any “agenda”. It’s the fact that we are Americans and in our heart of hearts, we all know what that means.

Congratulations, folks. We have “done it” and we have done it because of you, for you, and by your help and donations, we have survived to this moment.

Of, for, and by the people. Literally.

The victory is yours.