J’Accuse in form of an affidavit of truth of how my family has suffered in Grayson County

There is exceedingly good news for Grayson County and Southwestern Virginia!  – and even for the entire Continental united states of America.  

The Treaty of Verona is extinguished.  (look it up)
All Bar Association licenses are extinguished. (this takes care of the traitors) 
By order of Pope Francis, all attorneys, all clerks, every member of the judicial system operating these frauds and oppression became 100% individually and commercially liable as of September 1, 2013.
The banking cartels and governmental services corporations have been given three-years to clean up their acts from top to bottom, to come into compliance with the Original Equity contract owed to all Americans.  

The three years is just about up!  Hallelujah!

My family and I have suffered greatly, both physically and financially, at the hands of the members of the Virginia Twenty-Seventh Judicial Court, doing business in Grayson County, and the clerks and sheriff, who support these Bar attorneys as they run their syndicate.  The attached J’Accuse (or public letter) tells our story.  There are many people who have been victimized by these parasites and now these criminals can no longer hide behind the shield of “government” giving them immunity – they now are fully accountable! A new day of knowledge has come.  The darkness is lifting.  We can no longer are deceived. Evil is expiring.

Please click the link below to download J’Accuse PDF.

JAccuse to Judge etc

The Court System – “Today the judges are supreme to the law and the constitution…”  Kris Anne Hall KrisAnneHall.com

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