Letter To Those Responsible


You check into this Grayson County’s ‘hotel of despair’ and you are surely on the road to the “poor house.”

People are not naturally poor, they are made poor by other men who enslave them mentally and physically. These elite slave-masters brainwash them into thinking “life is supposed to be a continuous state of need and doing without; and that’s what it means to be ‘FREE“.   Yeshua Yehovah (AKA Jesus Christ of Nazareth) came to give abundant living and taught us the way to it.  The slave-masters have taken over religion to keep you from this plain simple truth. Do you have ears to hear? and eyes to see? 

Anyone who takes the time to notice, as they drive the roads of Grayson County and all of Southwestern Virginia, sees the heartache and misery of the the average folks of the land. There is tremendous beauty here along with the results of people being taken advantage of by the psychopathic predators (who call themselves “the elite“).  The contrast of the beauty of the environment and the poor condition of the people brings tears to the eyes of  good caring people.  This condition is predator induced.

Celebrated writer Paul Theroux has experienced a wide variety of the best and worst around the world, but his eye opening experience in America’s South has garnered a lot of criticism, as he compares the region to Third World countries in South America and Africa. He explains his latest work and what has caused the economic decline.  Grayson County and Southwestern Virginia fits with his analysis and is exactly same he observed in many other areas of the South.  Watch this report below.

Our question is – “Do the people care enough to do something about it or have they been so ‘beaten up‘ by the criminal establishment that they have resigned themselves and their children to be slaves and continue to suffer at the hands of these diabolical criminals?

Poverty and blight are symptomatic of corruption in government and the judicial system; all of which are for-profit corporations.  Wherever you go in Grayson County and Southwestern Virginia the poor condition of its people is easy to see; its pitiful.  The people have been conditioned through abuse and fear to accept the aggression of those whom they trust and even employ as elected “public servants“.

It’s Time To Take Notice!

I’m sure you have noticed that there is something wrong with the world around you.  The land of the brave and free has changed into the land of the political correct and enslaved.

Look around and open your eyes.  The neighborhoods and rural areas of Grayson County have atrophied (gotten run-down) and been neglected.  This is a sign of poverty and hopelessness.  The wealth has been TAKEN from the people; and most people have become dependent on public assistance in order to barely live their lives.  The people have been misused and victimized by the corrupt system. The system has been taken over by con-artists committing fraud and deception under the guise of “looking out for you.” The central bankers (the “money changers“) have taken over the government service companies, from the top down, including the local “governments” of Grayson County which are for-profit corporations.  You can find these same government services corporations listed and rated at Dun & Bradstreet! That should tell you something!  Everything is all about money.

THE PEOPLE are the employers of government [government is personnel, elected or hired].  Never forget that the people pay the bills for government to operate. The elected officers, supervisors, and clerks have turned on their employers with fraud and theft. They’ve made for themselves a profitable racket.  In fact every agency of government, including the judicial system and law enforcement groups are actually organized for profit corporations.  Yes, nothing different than the local McDonalds or Burger-King. They pass corporate rules called statutes and enforce them on those who unwittingly submit to them.

WE THE PEOPLE, the employers of government, have been taken advantage of by those who we trusted.  It’s time we do some “house cleaning” and fire these corporations and the people who work in them; and return to true governments of and by the people that are not incorporated.  The predators who call themselves “the elite” have committed great fraud and deception at the expense of all the people.  At the top of the infrastructure of government services companies are a few psychopaths and hardened criminals who direct this mafia, who wear suits and ties and expensive cologne, but in reality are nothing more than hardcore smelly and filthy criminals who fleece everyone they come in contact with.  They live in fear of you awakening to their crimes.

We’ve learned that there is no justice in Grayson County – where the courts do as they please and judges don’t follow the rules that they are bound by oath to obey. These imposters playing judges wouldn’t know justice if it it met them on the street and bit them in their buttocks (their derrière).  Attorneys of the Barr have infiltrated into the control of corporate governments and the judicial systems and conspire against their employer, the people. It’s all about corporate profits – today for-profit corporations operate as governments and the tangible property of the people is stolen and given to the elite (the predators at the top of this mafia “food-chain“).  This is business as usual, of course, we aren’t to take it personal.   The God given inalienable and unalienable rights of the people are ignored; and through deception taken from the people. We have, along with many other people, witnessed first-hand this hellish (grave) state of affairs in Grayson County and Southwestern Virginia.  The good news it is coming to an end.

We won’t keep quiet!  We’ve complained about it to those who are accountable for this sorry state of affairs: 

Letter to Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth requesting their intervention to correct the judicial system in Grayson County  CLICK (for PDF) – JacccuseFrancis Elizabeth

This eye opening letter presents to the world those who have lost sight of the truth, abandoned integrity and turned on their employer, the people.  They like the “emperor”, having no clothes, stands bare-naked and exposed for all to see.

Learn how the the whole system of oppression and control works, read Judge Anna von Reitz’s book. Free Book Download (PDF) – Click here for Judge Anna’s Book or buy it on Amazon Click here to buy book.

For more insight – Free Book Download (PDF) of Great American Adventure by Judge Dale, retired Click for GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURE

It’s almost too late for the good people of Grayson County and Southwestern Virginia.  They are sleeping and busy struggling to survive.  I said “almost“!  It’s isn’t too late! Knowing the the truth (truth equals reality) is the beginning of freedom and self-respect; and is fundamental to enabling the pursuit of happiness leading to joy.  Few people today know what joy feels like. Joy has healing powers that the drug companies can’t patent and sell.

You know it, you see it.  The people, like sheep, are being systematically led to the slaughter by these predators and criminals and all to often good people unwittingly are working for them.

Isaiah 59:1-4 KJV

1. Behold, the LORD’s (Yehovah’s) hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither His ear heavy, that it cannot hear: 2. But your iniquities (lawlessness) have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid His face from you, that He will not hear.

3. For your hands are defiled with blood and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.

“4. None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity (lawlessness).”

This is a very good description of Grayson County’s and Southwestern Virginia’s “government and judicial system“. Yes, it is true for just about any corporate government services company anywhere in the country.  The many news reports, and the suffering of average people, confirm this condition of justice-deprivation is pervasive.

Since the chances of all the people coming to their senses and waking up is very low; we can only call out a warning to those who can hear and see.  More importantly we are witnessing against the predators who call themselves the elite of the world.

Thank God there is hope –

The only real hope for us is the physical and visible return of the Jesus Christ of the Bible (AKA Yeshua Yehovah).   (It’s about time you learned the Creator’s real name… and stop calling him “LORD” which is a title of a British land owner.  He has a name, just as you have a name, and He wants us to use it!)  This scares the hell out of those who have corrupted government, the justice system, and getting “rich” from it.  That’s why they have taken God out of government, He’s a threat to those who have served money and power rather than the people who employ them.  The gospel message that Yeshua (Jesus) brought, as a representative of His Heavenly Father, is simple and clear.  The true gospel is that the governments of this world are going to be taken over by Jesus Christ, and those fools who have violated our trust will be surely punished.  Psalm chapter 2 speaks of this soon coming judgment. These pirates and scoundrels will soon face “the music” and will be personally held accountable for their actions and their abuse of the people. The old saying “every dog has its day” is apropos for these scoundrels; and as sure as the God is still on His throne, they’re going to get their just due. …Hallelujah!

If this country can be saved without intervention from the Almighty, the people will have to return to the God of the Bible. Without repenting (changing our ways and hearing and obeying Jesus Christ of the Bible) we deserve the treatment we have been getting from these hoodlums and reprobates.  The formula of success for everyone is to do sleuthing and study, return to the God of the Bible, and hear and obey Him; share the truth with others, and with empowerment God’s throne call the “public service” criminals out; and replace them with people of good character.

These predators know that Psalms chapters 1 and 2 reveal God’s plan.  The Almighty’s plan gives them nightmares and restless nights.  Praise Yehovah!

Please share with us your experience with Grayson County, Southwestern Virginia, or any other government or judicial services corporation doing business in the country.