Living in a “third world” part of the America – our experiences fighting for justice

No Justice In Grayson County – we have experienced it first hand. 

This is our quest for due process and justice in the administrative courts of Grayson County Virginia.


We moved to Grayson County in February of 2013.  We purchased property with a two-family home and a guest home from 100 Acre Woods LLC, with Philip E. Carroll the only member.

Philip E. Carroll and his agents proved to be con-artists and; he defrauded us, breached a contract with us, were negligent in duty to provide safe and habitable housing, and after his death his Estate used “abuse of process” to cover up the fraud, breach and neglect.

The conduct of Phillip E. Carroll and his agents caused physical and emotional harm to us and to our family, caused great financial loss, and contributed to the untimely death of Marian C. Allen, Ginny’s mother.

In April of last year we were forcibly removed from our property and our homes by armed mercenaries acting as sheriff’s deputies, who complied with an order from the corporatized administrative circuit court; where we were press-ganged and denied our rights as free and sovereign people of the land. 

We were denied due process and justice, first in the corporatized administrative district court ,where Judge Randall J. Duncan ignored his lack of jurisdiction, even admitting to it, ignored a certified copy of our deed, and with blatant pro se bias, ordered us and our family of four adults and four children, ages 10, 8, 3 and 2 months, evicted and made homeless.

We received no help or protection from the Sheriff, who was required by law and the constitution, that he swore an oath to uphold and defend, to protect us, rather he conspired with the court and ordered our removal from our property at gunpoint.

We had filed an injunction with the corporatized administrative circuit court of Grayson County, with an earlier filed case number CL-15-10.  We were denied the injunction by Judge Bradley W. Finch and were treated like incompetent delinquent children by the judge who exhibited a pro se bias always deferring to the opposing parties’ attorney of Randall A. Eads.

Randall A. Eads, in addition to acting as attorney, is the registered agent for 100 Acre Woods LLC, his client, and complicit with Philip E. Carroll and his misconduct and illegal activities. 

Philip E. Carroll, prior to his death, along with his agents, using 100 Acre Woods LLC, committed fraud in the inducement against us, breached contract with us, was negligent of duty toward us, and after Philip E. Carroll’s death, the co-executors of his Estate used abuse of process to hide the misconduct and illegal activities of Philip E. Carroll and his agents.

Since the eviction we continued to find justice and equity, with our complaint, in the corporatized administrative circuit court of Grayson County.  In addition, 100 Acre Woods LLC filed a similar complaint with the same court, case no. CL-15-54 which was served on us by the sheriff’s deputy, as we were moving out of our homes at gunpoint.  

Grayson County circuit court judge, Hugh Lee Harrell, conspired with Randall A. Eads, the attorney for 100 Acre Woods LLC and the co-executors of the Estate of Philip E. Carroll, with Bar-attorney-tricks and pro se bias to deny us due process and justice in both cases.  At every hearing, in these courts, we were prevented moving our case to discovery, entry of admissible evidence and testimony, and a jury trial.  Judge Harrell ruled in favor of his fellow Bar-attorney consistently and ending with a final order against us in both cases.

We appealed both cases, CL-15-10 (Supreme Court Record Number 160090) and CL-15-54 (Supreme Court Record Number 151765) to the Supreme Court of Virginia. The two appeals are in process in Richmond.  Will justice be served there, or will pro se bias and crony Bar-attorney favoritism prevail even at the highest levels in the corporatized judicial system?

With the likelihood of not succeeding, in the jurisdiction of the sea, using the corporatized administrative circuit court of Grayson county, we began a process using affidavits in common law against 100 Acre Woods LLC and the co-executors of the Estate of Philip E. Carroll to recover damages we suffered at the hands of Phillip E. Carroll and his agents, and after his death, from the co-executors of his Estate. 

Upon perfecting our liens the co-executors of the Estate of Philip Carroll awakened to their insolvent predicament and initiated a series of threats.

January 2016 100 Acre Woods LLC and the co-executors of the Estate of Philip E. Carroll, in their capacity as co-executors and individually filed a new complaint in the corporatized administrative circuit court of Grayson County to stop us from using common law and commercial processes to collect on damages suffered.  These rats have had so much success with the courts that they think they once again can deny us due process and justice.  

We have experienced these courts where Bar-attorneys operate them, and conspire to deny due process and justice to those who come to the courts as pro se.  We all need to stand up for justice and fairness whether it be in the corporatized system or the lawful common law system.

IN SUMMARY:  All we wanted was our right to have justice served; an opportunity to do judicial discovery, to enter admissible evidence and testimony into the record, to present our case with a jury trial, and have our causes of action adjudicated and a verdict given by the jury.  

The Bar-attorneys operating the administrative courts, and the opposing parties’ counsel, a  Bar-attorney, conspired openly to deny us due process, adjudication, and justice.  None of the Bar-judges complied with the procedural rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, and by removing them from the proceedings transformed themselves into kangaroo courts.  Bar-attorneys play tricks and discriminate against pro se representation. 

The Courts of America began a transformation from common law courts operating on the land jurisdiction to admiralty courts operating on the sea jurisdiction by becoming incorporated entities starting in the mid-1960’s through the 1970’s.  They have the right to function in this manner, but they do not have the right to fraudulently represent themselves as the people’s court.  They do not have the right to commit personage, barratry, and press-ganging which has also been outlawed since the Napoleonic Era. 

On these pages we will provide the documents of this new case CL-16-09.


Complaint/Petition  Complaint Petition CL-16-09

Exhibits to Complaint/Petition exhibitsofComplaint

Steins’ Motion for Continuance CL16-09MOTIONFORCONTHearing

Steins’ Motion to Strike MotionToStrikeCL1609020916

Temporary Injunction (signed by judge) Temporary Agreed Order

Hearing Summary on Motion to Strike  Summary of hearing 031116

Summary of hearing March 11, 2016 hearingMar11

Answer and CounterClaim case 16 filed April 15, 2016

RequestForProduction Case 16 filed April 15, 2016

Request For Continuance from April 22 Case 16 filed April 15, 2016

faxtoSusan re ContnuanceCase 16 Fax for telephonic conference call with judge on continuance  sent April 17, 2016

LetterPassoverHarrellEads Case 16 Letter to Judge HeLetterHerrellREJuryTrailrrell and Mr. Eads regarding abuse and discrimination on telephonic conference call April 21, 2016

MotionToEnterLetterPassoverHerrell Case 16 Motion to Enter to the Record Letter to Judge Harrell and Mr. Eads

LetterHerrellREJuryTrial Case 16 Letter to Judge Harrell on rationale for Jury Trial

MotionToEnterLetterHarrellJury Case 16 Motion to Enter to the Record Letter to Judge Harrell Jury Trial

LetterToJudgeHarrell21days Case 16 Letter to Judge Harrell explaining the 21-day extension

MotionEnterLetterHarrel21days Case 16 Motion to Enter to the Record Letter to Judge Harrell on 21 Days

LetterFromChildrenToCoexecutors This is a Letter written to Co-Executors by Jaison Stein, Noami Stein, and Mishael Stein

MotionToEnterLeaseAsEvidence Case 16 Motion to Enter Lease As Evidence

MEMORANDUMONLeaseAsEvidence Memorandum showing lease was illegal, unlawful, and breached immediately after signing by Philip E. Carrol

MotionToEnterEadsRegAgent Motion to Enter to the Record Randall Eads is Registered Agent of 100 Acre Woods LLC

MotionToEnterThingCDConfCall Motion to Enter to the Record CD copy of conference call regarding continuance January 28, 2016.

Audio of Conference Call January 28, 2016

Memorandum on Sanctions 16 Memorandum on Eads’ Motion on Sanctions

Memorandum on Motion to Dismiss Thirdparty 16 Memorandum on Eads’ Motion to Dismiss Himself

MotionToEnterLandPatentToTheRecord Motion to enter Land Patent to Evidence

MemorandumOnMotionToEnterLandPatent Memorandum On Motion To Enter Land Patent Into Evidence

MotionReconsiderationRehearing Motion to Reconsider and Rehear

JudicialNoticeOnDefault Judicial Notice On Default Decision – prep for appeal

MotionToCompelDiscovery Motion to Compel Discovery of Production

Notice of Hearing On Compell Notice of Hearing on Motion to Compel Discovery of Production

This following is evidence of the pro se bias, the hustle, and denial of due process and justice, that exists in Grayson County Administrative Courts.

JudgesorderandHearingDate Proof pro se representation is not honored in Grayson County Courts.

FaxToClerk Withdrawing Motion to Compel Discovery Production and cancelling hearing on June 24, 2016 (to avoid another Bar-attorney trick – see below)

MotionJudicialNoticeEstateAnna Motion to take judicial notice – Estate Notice Judge Anna

The Grayson County Circuit Court Clerk refused a lawful filing – LettertoClerk2

Case 16 TakeNotice Declarations Motion to take judicial notice of Declarations