The rats protect their fellow rats – in their deceptive system!

Supremes Decision  Decisions of Supreme Court of Virginia, Inc.

I received notice from the Supreme Court of Virginia regarding the two Grayson County Circuit Court Cases that I appealed.  The reasons from both appeals was that we were denied due process and justice in the Circuit.  The Court and the judges were pro se biased… and conspired with the opposing attorney’s tricks and ignored us and the procedural rules of the Supreme Court.

maxresdefaultthe big rat represents the Supreme Court and the little white one represents the circuit court judge (the protect each others rear)

What can one expect? – the same rats, who call themselves Bar-attorneys run both for profit corporations, they are servants of the predators.  The Dun & Bradstreet number for the Judiciary Courts Of The Commonwealth Of Virginia is 00-519-7046.  The Court is not a Common Law Court, but rather an administrative court and franchise of the United States (Inc.). The Court is pretending to be the People’s Court, which is fraud resulting in press-ganging, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, and secretive change of political status resulting in theft from us. These administrative courts have acted criminally through non-disclosure and self-interested omission resulting in falsified evidence – these acts were not consensual, not in our advantage and not of our intentional making.  We wanted to have our complaint and causes of action adjudicated with fairness and justice; instead, we became victims of theft, great financial loss, and our time and efforts were abused.

THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN GRAYSON COUNTY VIRGINIA!  Many have been abused in this county, many more will be press ganged and become victims of inland piracy, unlawful conversion, and have their political status changed with criminal non-disclosure, and self-interested theft and abuse.  The Bar-attorneys have taken over the judicial systems for their own profit and job security.

The Dun & Bradstreet Number for the Judiciary Courts Of The Commonwealth Of Virginia is 00-519-7046. These are for profit corporations – they are franchises of the United States Inc. – they are government services companies – they are not the People’s Court.

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